Smart Man Online: Interview # 3
Jane and Dick Move Beyond Basal Readers

Jane Returns from Never, Never Land

Dear Readers, what a delightful, delicious, de-wonderful day! Jane is slowly returning from the dreary, drizzling, despairing world of Never, Never Land, to the more pleasant world of blogs, friends and fun.

De-move is over!

Moving is not for wimps. That is the last I will say on the subject (anyone who believes that has much to learn about Jane and her penchant for last statements.)

There is much to talk about...of shoes and ships and sealing wax, of cabbages and kings, and why the sea is boiling hot and whether pigs have wings--to quote the Walrus, or was it the Carpenter, as they walked along the beach, lamenting over "such quantities of sand." I refer to Alice in Wonderland...a place of mystery that took (takes?) liberty with the laws of gravity and more; a place I would much rather have been wandering about in than in the never, never land of moving two households of belongings from one suburb to another.

I have missed a great deal, so my bloglines announcement insists as it pings numbers in the triple digits at me on a regular basis, even on so de-wonderful a day as this sunny Sunday. My fellow bloggers have all been busy at their keyboards, and I shall never catch up!

All is not lost, however. One finds that being lost in never, never land is not a terribly dismal thing; merely a minor inconvenience (although, at times, Jane did consider the physical suffering to be a minor inconvenience). Presently, surrounded by boxes, not entirely trusting the labels on them as some were borrowed (does one return used boxes, Alice asks?) from a friend who moved only a month ago...hence, double labels leave one confused about the actual contents of said box, and often means it was carted to the wrong room, one that is either up or down a flight of stairs.

Minor. Minor. Minor. Over with. Done with. Unpacking to commence. All the fun of rearranging, redocorating, and redesigning both one's living space and one's work space, to begin. Let the fiance pick up the first paint brush.

Jane, meanwhile, has been busy over at Collected Miscellany penning interesting thoughts on the psychic meaning of relationships grounded in physical locations. Do pop over and read her musings on Collected Miscellany from the Twilight Zone. That is all she has to offer today.telephonelines

Happy reading!

Reading...What's not to like about that?


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