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Dear Readers,
Excitement mounts! Unbeknownst to us, our incoming email was not arriving as scheduled. Jane has several accounts and was receiving email on all but one, hence, she did not notice the missing notes. This horror was revealed to us yesterday evening, when it was really too late to do anything about it. This morning, Jane contacted her webmaster and had the problem fixed. It was a glitch in our account... mainly because we are upgrading and doing a full redesign of our Windsor Media Enterprises site.

Meanwhile...to our surprise...one of the emails that did not make it through (they had been saved on the server) that arrived in the download today was an announcement from the Stevie Awards being sponsored by Advanta. Imagine our eye-popping response to reading these words:

Congratulations! Because of the high average scores they received during two months of preliminary judging, the following nominations have become Finalists in The 2004 Stevie Awards for Women Entrepreneurs, sponsored by Advanta:
Nomination: Smart Marketing to Women Online
Category: Best Entrepreneur - Service Businesses
Status: Finalist
This is a significant achievement for which you are to be applauded. This means that independent judges agreed that these nominations are worthy of national recognition, and that you have won at least a Certificate of Finalist Recognition, and possibly a Stevie Award. Stevie winners will be determined in the final judging."

Final judging will be in New York City on October 22nd. We share this with you, dear readers, not only because it makes us glow with pride, but because we want you to know WE FILLED OUT THE ENTRY FORM ONLINE. In fact, WE FOUND THE CONTEST ONLINE!

Yes, women like shopping online, and entering contests online, and meeting new people online. This last part is significant because guess what else...our friend and most esteemed woman entrepreneur and female blogger, Kirsten Osolind of Re:inventioninc., is also a finalist in this contest! When her note came this morning, we could not have been more thrilled -- to be in the same company with such a talented lady, one who promotes the Give to Get spirit better than anyone we know -- was, is, right up there with getting to sit next to your favorite movie star at a concert!

On a more serious note, please share in our appreciation of this honor -- one we are indeed proud of. To be a finalist in the Advanta awards, given the chance to win a Stevie Award for "Women helping women," and to be associated with the numerous other finalists, including our friend Kirsten, is definitely the highlight of our year. In conjunction with our already being an award winner locally for the Up and Coming Businesswoman of the Year from our Rochester Women's Network, this announcement has us a bit breathless.

Women helping women has been our mantra for some time now. The list of finalists at the Advanta site proves that we are not alone! Have we not been telling you that women support one another and that women enjoy mentoring other women? This proves it's true.

Jane hopes you will visit Kirsten's blog and congratulate her, as well as sending her your best wishes. I know I rely on her for the truth about what's real and what's not when it comes to supporting women's issues. Stay tuned for a report on the award ceremony. We expect a lot of glitter and fancy shoes, a ballroom full of laughter, and lots of hugs!

What's not to like about that?


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Hey, going through some of your older posts. Congratulations, I missed this


Yvonne - Congrats! You rock lady!

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