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We don't like to toot our own horn...yes, we do...if we don't do it, who will? (as a very famous, rich salesman we know tells us all the time), so...

Yesterday, Friday, October 29th, Yvonne DiVita was honored, along with 14 other outstanding business women, in the Rochester, NY area, as an "Up and Coming Business Woman of 2004," at a local conference and luncheon. The event was held at our convention center and attracted over 300 guests. Our local newspaper, the Democrat and Chroncle, posted a story about it in this morning's paper, listing all the winners of the award, and highlighting the wonderful conference focused on "Women's Work: Redefining the Balance." But Jane would like to congratulate them separately because they are part of a growing trend of women supporting women, in business and in life.

Each of the "Up and Coming Business Women of 2004" are unique in their own way, with stories that we hope to highlight throughout the coming weeks at Lip-sticking, but more importantly, EACH one of these intelligent and dynamic women offered warm hugs and handshakes, along with high praise, to each of the other women award winners...oh, and all of them had great shoes!

Before listing the winners, we would also like to thank the beautiful young woman who served us at our table during lunch. As far as we're concerned, she's a winner, too. Her name is Cheryl, she works as a server at the convention center, and her bright smile never dimmed, no matter how many times she was asked for more coffee, another pitcher of cream, or some change in the eating arrangements. Cheryl embodies women who keep the world going round. Without their support and expertise -- believe us, waiting tables at an event such as the awards ceremony yesterday takes a great deal of expertise! -- where would the rest of us be? We tip our hat to Cheryl for being a wonderful, pleasant server and we think she deserves a raise.

Now, on to the winners of RWN's "Up and Coming Business Women of 2004" as they were highlighted in yesterday's program:

1. Karen Barrow, President and Owner of Baybridge Consulting, which equips "business leaders with the ability to create responsive business cultures, drive change and strengthen their leadership capacity."

2. Ellen S. Bevan, PhD, Director of Advancement, Fairport Baptist Homes, a not-for-profit company involved in fundraising. Ellen recently "managed a record-breaking annual fund drive and initiated a 'Wall of Remembrance' Campaign.

3. Molly Clifford, Monroe County Democratic Party Chairperson, a politically active young woman who established "the Women's Leadership Council" and the "Kennedy Council for Young Professionals."

4. Twyla J. Cummings, PhD, Graduate Program Director, School of Print Media for the Rochester Institute of Technology. Twyla "is a leader in a male-dominated field as the Graduate Program Director at RIT's world-renowned School of Print Media. She has served as a mentor to young women in the community at large as chairwoman of the board of directors of the YWCA, and in 2004, she was named Outstanding Volunteer for the Urban League."

5. Sally Barton Dingee, Academic Advisement Specialist, Monroe Community College. Sally coordinates "the college's undeclared major program. She is a winner of the American College Personnel Association New Professionals Case Study Competition (2001) and has been honored for her coordination of the Liberal Arts Mentor Program."

6. Yvonne DiVita (she sounds so familiar! :-) , President and Founder of Windsor Media Enterprises, LLC (currently in redesign phase), "Yvonne brings a high-tech approach to the traditional field of marketing, using web-based marketing techniques to promote businesses" as well as an expertise in "marketing to women," which she proved in her book, Dickless Marketing: Smart Marketing to Women Online. Watch the Dickless Marketing website for the introduction of "Jane Ties"...Coming Soon!

7. Cynthia Gray, Director of Community Relations/Special Events, Rochester Institute of Technology, "Cindee has been the face of community and special events at RIT for the past seven years, showing innovation, creativity and sensitivity as the university has hosted community events from the New York State Special Olympics to the Empire State Games."

8. Pat Grover, Creative Customer Service Solutions. As president of Creative Customer Service Solutions, Pat "earned over 30 new clients at the local and state levels in less than three years. She has been honored locally for her community service efforts and received the 2000 United Way Richard P. Miller Award, given to a corporate chairperson."

9. Smitri Jacob, Associate Editor, Rochester Business Journal, Inc. "A native of India, Smitri followed her true passion when she switched careers from biochemistry to journalism. As a journalist, she has helped broaden Rochester Business Journal's audience and topic coverage and has championed new ideas to highlight the accomplishments of women."

10. BJ Mann, BJ Mann and Associates Mediation Services, a divorce and family mediation professional, BJ "combines her 30 years of business experiences as an executive at Global Crossings/Frontier and her service to the community in numerous leadership positions. She is president of the Rochester Association of Family Mediators and a board member of the New York State Council of Divorce Mediation." And a great lady -- BJ is a personal friend of ours, a fact we are delighted to be able to say!

11. Dr. Cynthia McGill, President/CEO of Priceless Vessels, Inc. a spiritual leader and co-pastor and chief administrative officer at New Life Ministries, Dr. McGill is also the author of Journey to Wholeness. Her company, Priceless Vessels, Inc. is an organization for accomplished women who desire to explore issues related to spirituality, self-empowerment and self-discovery.

12. Sheri McKenna, Regional Marketing and Communications Manager, Frontier Communications, "Sheri's corporate career at Frontier Communications has taken her from serving as an account representative to her current role as regional marketing and communications manager. Her passion for volunteer work in the community led her to initiating Frontier's time-off policy for employees who volunteer and orchestrating partnerships to support the annual Women of Excellence Award given by the Girl Scouts."

13. Barbara Melynk, Co-publisher and Managing Editor, GVP Publications (Rochester Woman Magazine). "After 20 years in the field of information technology, Barbara made a complete career shift by venturing into the entrepreneurial world of publishing. In addition to partnering with her husband, robert, to start Genesee Valley Parent magazine, she has been instrumental in the launch of Rochester Woman Magazine, the GVP Baby Guide and the annual Women's Wellness Expo."

14. Christine Scheible, Founder/President Quantum Technology Associates, a software solutions company, founded after a long career in corporate America working in information technology. Christine has "long been an innovator and creative thinker, and has shared her experiences as a board member of the Association for Women in Computing."

15. Christina Zazulak, Executive Director, Center for Information Services, Inc, where, in the four years "that Christina has led CIS, she has produced dramatic results for clients, increased service offerings and improved customer service, internet reliability, and security. In addition, she has initiated a mentoring program at Rochester Institute of Technology."

Yes, we know it was a bit of a long post today, dear readers. But, these are strong, exceptional women... from our own neighborhood. We thought it only right to announce their awards, to give them some press, and to show you that, indeed, women do like to help women...Jane is always there for Jill or Mary or Sue or Alison...or whomever. We will be there for you, too. If you invite us.

What's not to like about that?


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Congratulations, my friend! Your accolades are well-deserved. You are tireless in your efforts and you rank #1 in my book! Thanks for the info on all the other winners as well.

You are a champion!

Wayne Hurlbert

Congratulations on your inclusion with such a great groups of inspiring nad accomplished women.

Best wishes on your continued success as you move ever onward and upward to your dreams.


Yvonne -

Congrats! Glad to see that your work is acknowledged and appreciated. You rock girlfriend :-)


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