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Five Feel Good Facts on Marketing to Women

Traveling prevented Jane from posting our usual Fit by Five last Tuesday. Hence, today's post on Five Feel-Good Facts on Marketing to Women.

First: For several months now, Jane has been fortunate enough to be included in several posts at Carnival of the Capitalists, a blog which supports the entire blogging community by inviting individual bloggers to host a multitude of posts from other bloggers, on their blog. The idea is to promote not only blogging in general, but niche blogs with relevant content. To quote from the FAQ page at the CoTC, where they explain what's what:

What are relevant topics?
Posts on business, management, marketing, accounting, finance, economics, sales, capitalism; anything of that nature that logically fits something called "Carnival of the Capitalists." See the end of this page for a more comprehensive list/description of possible topics that would be appropriate. The extended list may be updated from time to time as we think of anything that is missing.

Jane encourages all readers who write blogs to consider joining the CoTC. Posts need to be sent in no later than Sunday night. This week Trader Mike is hosting the Carnival. Give it a look and start thinking of what YOU could post next week.

The best parts of the Carnival are the range of topics and writers. Understand that this is journalism at its most basic...power to the people. Women are all for that. It harkens back to the days when we had no power--when our lives were controlled by fathers, brothers, and/or husbands. Blog posts included in the Carnival prove that the pen is truly mightier than the sword--which just makes us feel good, because women are wedded to words--written and spoken.

Second:  Which bring us to our friend, Wayne Hurlbert, over at Blog Business World, who is gathering support for Steve Rubel's idea that bloggers should be Time Magazine's People of the Year. Wayne encourages all bloggers to email Time Magazine and support Steve's contention that...

"For 2004, I cannot think of a single person or persons that had a greater influence on society than the bloggers. Let's remind them by making our voice heard. If you think about American politics, media, business - no one, no one had a greater influence for better or worse than the bloggers. Not Osama Bin Laden. Not Sadaam Hussein. Not John Kerry. No one. The bloggers absolutely deserve to be this year's People of the Year."

Those readers who are not familiar with Steve can click over to his blog at Micro Persuasion where he writes on journalism and public relations. 

Why is this good marketing to women? Because women are into blogging big time! Many women's blogs are of the diary format, or journaling, but Jane is willing to say on the record that she is certain more women than men are READING blogs, if, indeed, more women aren't also writing them.

Reading makes us feel good. We read, and then we talk about what we've read. Just ask Oprah. Her book club has launched more best sellers than we have fingers and toes!

Third: In our reading this week, we came across this notice from Time Warner:

Time Inc. to Launch 'All You', a women's magazine "looking to reach value-conscious American women. The magazine will cover a range of topics from interpersonal relationships to home repair, while providing real-life, practical solutions and encouragement in a high-quality editorial environment."

Truly a feel-good idea! While Jane is not sure the market can support another woman's magazine, we believe the idea is laudable. The press release went on to say the magazine would be initially offered only at Wal-Mart, but via other channels in the near future.

Jane will keep her eye out for their blog...for surely they will start a blog soon!

Fourth: To those who dispute the power of women online, Fast Company reported this year that women carry 76 million credit cards, 8 million more than men! That fact feels good because we use those credit cards to buy YOU, our friends and family, GIFTS! Jane may be out of touch, sometimes, but a glance at your calendar, dear reader should tell you that tis the season...to use those credit cards. A fact not lost on eMarketer, which predicts a 27.6% increase in spending this year, due to broadband access and user-friendly Web sites.

Fifth: This tidbit out of BBC News reports that "Women's spending power is growing faster than men's, making the female of the species the number one target for technology companies which want to sell more gadgets." The talk is all about Nokia fashion phones, lipstick memory sticks, mini iPods in pastels, and slim cameras!Nokiaphone2

Jane has just one feel good comment...

What's not to like about that?


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