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Five Female-Friendly Phrases for Free

This is an unusual week. A happy holiday week. A delicious, mouth-watering, mind-tingling kind of week. Thanksgiving is the true start of the most important holiday season we Americans celebrate, regardless of our religious affiliation. Certainly, in this country, we value Thanksgiving as a day to truly appreciate all that we hold dear...including hearth and home. But, we also consider this time a launching pad for Christmas, whether we celebrate that holiday or not. It's pervasive, and usually, full of fun.

Jane will not get into a discussion on the inappropriateness of some merchants to have started their Christmas advertising immediately after Halloween (TARGET! Go to the corner and don't come out until New Year's Eve.) Today, Jane would like to offer Five Female-Friendly Phrases for the Holidays. For Free!

1. Fun for All. Fun is a wonderful word. It can mean so many exciting, fantabulous things to each one of us. Adding the word fun to your advertising gets our attention and makes us want to read on. Make sure you supply a bit of fun, however. A game, a silly joke or a riddle. A quiz, a memory of happy days eating turkey, anything that will bring a smile to our face. We will be more inclined to look at your products and services if you make us smile.Smileyface2

2. Free to Good Home. Yes, the word FREE still works as a come-on. Who doesn't like free stuff? When Jane thinks of the word free, she thinks of the
"free to good home" phrase from her childhood. It refers to toys or old lawnmowers set out at the curb and labelled: FREE to Good Home...yet, harkens even farther back to the days of our youth when folks would offer puppies and kittens "free to good home."  Using this phrase uniquely, to apply to inanimate objects, is a fun way to get our attention.

3. Welcome [insert client name]...to [insert your company name]. If you can pull us into your website as if you're inviting us into your parlor, offering us a virtual cup of coffee or tea, complete with cookies on the side, and then ask a sincere question--What can we do to make your visit more pleasant today? Have you seen our daily special? We value your business so much, we'd like to offer you a free gift today, just for stopping by. [now give us a choice, and make it worth our while.]

4. Warm wishes...for Good Health, Good Times, Good Food, Good Weather... In many parts of the country, the air has turned crisp and the days are so much shorter, we are all feeling it in our bones and in the shift of our inner time clock. Using the word 'warm' creates a glow of comfort. Adding good health and all the rest, is like offering us a nice blanket to wrap our goose-bumpy shoulders in. For those who are able, Jane suggests the image of a working fireplace...glowing in candlelight...with a side table set with cider and apples, perhaps a few pastries. Inviting and mouth-watering.

5. Friends Forever...women are extremely loyal, to one another, and to merchants who meet and exceed our needs. If you vow undying friendship, and prove it with an attentive nature (not overwhelming--don't email us every day, but remember us on our birthday, or on holidays that invite comment) you will earn our ever-lasting friendship. One that means recommending your store and/or website to friends and family. Remember: Jane is friends with Jill, and Sally, and also with Jack and Dick and she has connections (two and three degree connections) to entire families who need whatever it is you're selling.

What's not to like about that?


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