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Jane Gobbles up Milk's Favorite Cookie

Oreos. They've been around since 1912, having been introduced to eager American kids (and adults) by National Biscuit  Company, otherwise known as Nabisco. About.com says they're the best selling cookie of the 20th century.  Jane does remember fighting with Dick over her share.

We're writing about the most popular, milk-dunking, finger-licking cookie because...the latest commericals hit us right where it counts: in our tummy!

For, anyone who hasn't seen the latest Oreo commercials, they depict a variety of diverse folk...many little kids, of course, with Dads or Grandpas, at least in our region, dunking the fun cookie in their milk, making a mess, and just having a hootenanny of a time. But...that isn't the part of the commercial Jane finds so powerful -- cripes, dunking Oreos is a national pasttime for goodness' sake!

Jane finds the tagline of this new commercial a work of genius:

Milk's favorite cookie.

It resonates in the brain. It speaks to our hunger for the sweet chocolate. It inspires us to gobble up all the Oreos we have in the cupboard...or rush off to the store to buy some. It would not surprise Jane to discover that Oreo is in cohoots with the folks who make the, Got Milk? commercials. Oreo2

Think about it...two ingredients that joined together spell fun, fun, fun! Kids love them, Grandparents love them, even Moms love them! AND...in keeping with the focus on America's obesity problem, Oreo now offers small, 100 calorie packages. WOW!

What's not to like about that?


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Dianne M. Daniels, AICI

Hi Jane,
I am a fan of Oreos from way back - this article made me smile, in addition to educating me. I also like the posts on marketing to women - something I do regularly, as women make up the majority of my Image Consulting clients.

Keep up the good work - does your blog have an RSS feed? I'd like to keep up with you on RSS as well. I also have a blog I'd like to know your thoughts on - especially as it relates to other Female-Friendly Blogs you've mentioned. It's located at: http://imageimpressions.blogspot.com.


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