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Jane would like to begin the day with a quote we find especially inspirational given the attention so many blogs are giving to the spirit of entrepreneurship:

"No pessimist ever discovered the secrets of the stars or sailed to an uncharted land or opened a new heaven to the human spirit." -- Helen Keller

This is our opening to our Fit by Five this week -- a tribute to entrepreneurship and being optimistic about your future. Our decision to write about some truly outstanding blogs, female-friendly blogs, comes from a visit this morning to a local BNI group. Jane was fortunate to be asked to sub at the Millennium Marketers, for a friend who is out of town. While getting up at six a.m. to make oneself presentable in public is not one of Jane's favorite things, she is sincerely glad she did so today.

The members of this BNI group were fun loving folk, albeit, all serious about their businesses. They inspired Jane to remember why we gave up our nice, secure, yet unsatisfying "job" almost five years ago, to open our own business. And why we love blogging. Because we are always optimistic about the future, and, despite some posts now and then, bloggers are optimistic about the future.

Here are 5 blogs Jane not only considers female-friendly, but informative and educational:

1. The Business of Life, written by Jill Fallon. Her tagline reads: Marriage, birth, divorce, transitions, widowed, career, retirement, transitions, death, moving, rules of life, aging, caregiving, life events, life changes. Whew! We hope no one tries to read that out loud in one breath! Just visit her site and enjoy her marvelous approach to all of those things.

2.  Talking Story with Say Leadership Coaching, written by Rosa Say. I am reading Rosa's book, Managing with Aloha, and will be doing a book review as well as an interview with Rosa, in the near future. Her blog is chock full of Aloha! and you need to visit it to find out just what that really means.

3. Pause: From here to Autonomy, written by Jory Idon'tknowherlastname. Jane highly recommends her series, The Do-ers, the Be-ers, and The Visionaries. Her blog is full of marvelous writing...we think she's quite gifted and we wish we had her talent at her age. We also think Helen Keller was speaking about people like Jory when she made the comment quoted above. <sigh>

4. Aaron Swartz, the Weblog, written by...Aaron Swartz, a college kid who will keep you amused for hours at a time. Jane loves this blog because it's...well, authentic. Women like authenticity. If Jane discovers it's being written by a chain-smoking belly-dancer who was a flapper back in the early 20th century (which would make her a flapper now, too, wouldn't it? Sorry. We couldn't help ourselves), we will be heartily disappointed.  Aaron, please tell us it's really you.

5. The Truth Laid Bear, written by N.Z. Bear on a variety of miscellaneous subjects, all of which bear watching and reading. Jane enjoys this blog for its humor, its up-to-date information, and its complete disregard for authority. Well, perhaps complete disregard is too strong a phrase. We feel N.Z. Bear is merely being true to his cause...which is truth, justice, and a light at the end of the tunnel. Good stuff, all the way around.

All of these blogs are female-friendly not because any of the writers set out to deliberately focus on women or be attractive to women or encourage women to visit them. They are female-friendly because they provide good information, educational information, stories, tales, confessions, all of the things that make people, people.  Smart_woman2

As bloggers, aren't we all in the people business? Being in the people business automatically makes you female-friendly -- if you do it right. These blogs do it right, and then some.

What's not to like about that?


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Aloha Yvonne! Murphy's Law invades Hawaii...just as I'm about to start a 3-day countdown on Talking Story for Managing with Aloha my internet service goes down for two days. Feeling very disconnected, I just now get back online on another island, and find my referral log smiling with new visitors thanks to your very generous post! My mahalo to you for your kind words. Rosa

Jill Fallon

Here I'm just cruising my business-related blogs and I land on yours and am gobsmacked that you mentioned my Business of Life. I can't believe you found it.
But you did and you made my day. Thanks for being a reader and a much bigger thanks for linking me. I'm a bigger fan than ever!

I love your blog and reading about marketing to women since boomer women are my ideal perfect customers for my start-up business. I can't believe how poorly women are being served and my passion is to help women, individuals and families deal more easily with the business of their lives and expand the legacies they leave behind. How to do the later is the subject of my other blog, Legacy Matters, http://www.estatevaults.com/lm

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