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It's election day. Have you voted? Jane will be voting later today, with her son, who is one of the young people the candidates courted so enthusiastically. We won't get political -- that's a personal choice -- all we want to say is GET OUT AND VOTE!

Now, on to our usual Tuesday Fit by Five: Where, you may be asking yourself, do dead soccer Moms fit into our post? Read on and be informed:

From American Demographics: (subscription required) 'Soccer Mom Is Dead' by David Myron. To quote:

"Time, and how people spend it, continues to be a pressing issue. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released its firt Time-User Survey earlier this month (October) to gauge how Americans spend their days. The survey revealed men spend one hour longer each day at work than their wives. But among parents employed or not, for those with children under 6, women spend more than twice as much time (2.7 hours a day) as men providing primary care."

In conclusion, Myron quotes James Chung, president of Boston-based Reach Advisors, "...Xers spend less time with traditional media such as print and television and rely on the Internet more than Boomers for information. The whole concept of the Soccer Mom is dead."

Jane would like Mr. Chung to contact her daughter...who is a dedicated soccer Mom. For you, dear readers, we offer this news as proof that changing times require changing thought.

Second on our Fit by Five list is a note from Shop.com which announced via Market Wire that they added more than 60 merchants in third quarter this year. Perhaps some of you should consider joining this online marketplace along with new merchants Beautiful Cookies, Birkenstock Central, Things Remembered, and United Diamonds. Remember the old adage -- being judged by the company one keeps...

#3 today comes from MediaPost's Executive editor Tobi Elkin who wrote a nice report back in August, saying, "More people are browsing, researching, and buying stuff online, which is good news for retailers." Look at her stats:

-- Most online retail categories will grow between 10 percent and 20 percent compound annual growth rate over the next six years.
-- Categories including tools and hardware and garden supplies will see above-average growth, as consumers become increasingly comfortable buying products that historically have seen slow growth online. Flowers will also experience an above average spike as consumers continue to shift spending away from telephone orders.
--As more retailers increase and improve their multi-channel efforts, such as in-store pickup, categories like home decor will see an increase in sales.
--While the number of new households that begin shopping online will slow significantly between 2004 and 2007, momentum will build again between 2007 and 2009 when half of U.S. households will have broadband at home.
--As the growth of online shoppers slows over the next two to three years, retailers will invest in one-to-one marketing efforts to help find new customers. Retailers will target blogs, chat rooms, and message boards.

Our #4Fit by Five relates to HOW you advertise. An October case study reported on by MarketingSherpa announced "Proof--The Same Space Ads Generate Leads Month-After-Month." The story is about Stanley Proto Industrial Tools. It's a must-read, with specific advice on the results of a year-long print media campaign.

We include this to remind our readers that multi-channel marketing means using more than one channel to reach your customers. The Internet is bigger and better than anything else, but... it isn't the only game out there. Compliment your online advertising with some offline ads and you'll gain real customers...not just browsers.

One thing they write about is "walking into automotive repair places and the like" to find out what the people were actually saying.

For #5, we have a link to a neat article worth reading: "His & Hers Bowling Alley Headlines Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog." Direct Newsline reported on September 29th that, "As it does every year, Neiman Marcus has designated several offerings within the catalog as philanthropic items. This year, the company's charity of choice is Support for People with Oral and Head and Neck Cancers."

We end today with a note on blog advertising. Perhaps some of you have noticed that Lip-sticking accepts ads on our blog. We say, why not? We control the ad and its placement, and if a company has a professional creative that we think our readers might enjoy learning more about, why shouldn't we allow that ad? It's not only about making a profit on our time and effort, it's about serving our readers.

We would, therefore, like to share this link with readers, from a blog which had a fairly lengthy discussion going on the pros and cons of blog advertising. Food for thought: Kottke.org.

What -- we must ask -- is not to like about that?


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like to share this link with readers, from a blog which had a fairly lengthy discussion going on the pros and cons of blog advertising.

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