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Jane has been silent and absent from blogging for a few days. A few interviews back we decided to allow our Thursday interviews to remain live through Friday night, in order to give greater visibility to our interviewees. As often happens, we don't post the interview until Thursday, late morning or early afternoon, and it only seems fair to give all eager readers a chance to view the interview by leaving it up throughout Friday.

However, that does not negate our desire to write on Friday night or Saturday... which we did not do this week. The week was extremely hectic and overwhelming. Jane was running hither and yon, meeting new clients and prospects, attending networking events and such, that when Friday evening came, the only thing we could think of was a warm bed and a full 8 hours of rest. Little did we know, that 8 hours would run through most of Saturday.

Yes, dear readers,Jane took a day off!

We are back today, but with little more than musings on life. During our busy week, we did manage to read many, many blog posts and Jane has a few questions for her readers: Are blogs doing what you want them to do for you? Are you finding the information you need, from bloggers you respect and trust? Are blogs nudging their way into mainstream reporting, such that the validity of an individual (or collective) blogger's posts become useful information?

Jane is dedicated to her readers. It is our hope that we offer insight into marketing to women, online and off, and also help clear up some of the confusion attached to marketing online. In defense of our writing, we cite sources and link back to other blogs. We may occasionally quote from our book, for which we did a tremendous amount of research, but in the end, we submit that it's up to you, dear reader, to determine our usefulness to you and your business.

As the blogosphere grows, as we watch new businesses begin to embrace the power of this interactive tool, one that grows community faster than teenagers IMing during history class, there will be an increase in good and bad information bouncing around the net-- a consequence of the ease of use of this web-based tool-- and while Jane wishes ALL bloggers were responsible, they follow the path of the general public; some are going to be invaluable to many readers, some are going to be selective to only a few readers, and others will be written to incite, inflame, or merely rant. (no offense to some of our excellent blog friends who purposely and effectively use those words in their blogs...)

Because this is true, there is talk going round regarding a Blogging Chamber of Commerce or a professional organization of bloggers, designed not to police blogging, nor to censor it, but to help bloggers gain respectability and to help readers qualify what's being posted. Jane missed an important conference call on Friday, led by Paul Chaney of Radiant Marketing, where a number of prime bloggers discussed this issue. We urge readers to read about it, join in the discussion, and become a part of the growing influence known as blogging. Computer_flowers2_1

This is YOUR a part of it.

What's not to like about that?


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