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Jane is so excited today! For those Typepad blog users out there, aren't the new posting options wonderful? Perhaps Jane's male friends are not as excited about the possibilities, but for some time now, Jane has been lamenting (albeit inwardly) the inability of Typepad to offer colored text (unless we added the HTML ourselves) and -- most importantly -- spell checking!

Jane is an average fact, we often go along at such a brisk pace, we find numerous typos when we take time to edit our posts appropriately. Sometimes, when we have been in a bit of a hurry, we have posted our errors and we are always grateful to those readers who gently point them out to us.

Our first inclination is to write an elaborate post with lots of colored text, bulleted lists, numbered lists, and indenting, just to test the tool  ;-)... but, we think perhaps we should just get on with our post.

Story-time: What a busy week we've had! Imagine, if you will, a whirlwind of meetings, phone calls, and conferences. Picture Jane fussing with her hair before each meeting -- it's what women do, of course. Picture Jane agonizing over what to wear to the B2B Tech Conference at our local convention center, wondering if she should wear heels and be fashionable, or flats and be comfortable. (we are not going to give away what we may guess, if you like.) Those readers who know Jane a bit better than others, know that all of this activity was so stimulating, Jane spent the week glowing with excitement.

But, the best part of the week...the VERY best part of the week, centered around two meetings with two prospective new clients. Jane believes meeting and or working with clients and potential clients are the highlight of every week. This week we were fortunate to be introduced to a young woman who is writing a book -- the topic of which we can't reveal YET-- that we think will rock the medical world. There is no doubt in Jane's mind that women will be the primary market for this book, and that all the women who buy it will be doing so because it speaks not only to them, but to their friends and families. This means...yes, dear readers, Jane will buy it and encourage Dick to buy it also.

The second prospect meeting was just as exciting as the first. Another intelligent, professional, energetic woman, with a book that is going to make the world of dentistry sit up and take notice. The woman writing the book, and already preparing a website for it, has a story the world needs to hear...above and beyond her book on how to take better care of your teeth. She is a winner, a survivor, a lady who exudes confidence through every pore, yet...we saw a hint of self-doubt hidden behind her quick smile; the kind of secret worry we all carry inside, despite our outward appearance.

We met our first prospect in a local coffee house on Park Ave, a part of the city that attracts many business people, as well as scads of young people. There are small restaurants, coffee houses, and boutiques all up and down the avenue. Activity is abundant on Part Ave. Outdoor meetings in summer, dog walking throughout the fall, and just stopping on the sidewalk to's a great place to go to be rejuvenated, if you're feeling a bit low.

Meanwhile, our meeting was in a small cafe that boasts wi-fi. We talked about life, about kids, about her book and why she is writing it. We talked about ourselves a bit, and, over a period of just about an hour, we seemed to bond nicely.

Jane could not conceal her excitement and amazement at the book this woman is writing, and at the time and energy she has already put into it. We hope she likes us enough to work with us... but even if she doesn't, Jane will announce her book when it comes out. The world needs to know!

Our second prospect meeting was at a marvelous restaurant owned by our prospect! The warm smile she greeted us with, while tending to the opening of the restaurant, was sincere, although a bit hesitant. Jane could tell she had been burned before, and was reserving judgment. As we talked, the restaurant bustled with activity; workers coming and going, the mail being delivered, and early customers popping in. Throughout the conversation of who she is, who she was, and how she came to be writing a book on dentistry (a restaurant owner who specializes in rich pastries!),so fascinated Jane, we almost forgot to drink the most delicious coffee she offered us.

After almost two hours, and much give and take, her guard dropped a little and she indicated she would like to discuss working together. Did Jane jump from the table and do a cartwheel? Hardly. But she would have liked to!

We can only give minor details here, dear reader, because we are hoping to work with both of these exceptional women, and we do not want to jeopardize not only our working relationship with them, but the introduction of their books -- creative endeavors they have both already spent a great deal of time and energy on. Jane believes we can help them both "get the right message, to the right people via the right medium."Purple_hat_2 

This, then, is the way the world works -- with women. We bond, we form friendships, and we build working relationships based on shared desires. These women can be assured that Jane will Lip-stick her message: in other words, we will work with them in pursuit of publication and marketing of their all-important books, until they achieve the result they desire.

What's not to like about that?


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