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Carnival of the Capitalists and More

How did it get to be Monday, already? Will someone stop the world? Jane wants to get off for a few minutes. That's all...just a few minutes. We need to catch our breath!

The weekend was...stupendous! We will tell you all about it on another day, but today we want to make you aware of three important things...

1. The Carnival of the Capitalists is up and full of fascinating posts. Lip-sticking has a post there but the hosting blog, Xtreme Blog, has done a bang-up job (can we say that? Well, we just did.) of pulling together an amazing amount of valuable information for all to partake of. Don't miss this opportunity to meet a lot of great bloggers, and to visit Marshall to see some of his great posts. He's going to be a regular on our blogroll from now on. (p.s. Marshall, rocket surgery is the operative term locally-- at least in Upstate NY-- I agree rocket science serves the purpose much better-- but I was curious as to how many folks would call me on that term-- you are the only one, so far. Which gets you lots of brownie points from Jane.)

2. My good friend, Matt Homann, lawyer and blogger extraordinaire, who writes the [non] billable hour blog, is requesting--shamelessly, but appropriately-- votes in his favor for the "position of Influential and Important Legal Thinker" at the Legal Affairs blog.  Since I already voted, I can't get you to the right page... you need to visit Matt Homann's blog (at the link provided here) and write his name in the space marked, 'other.' Dm_friend_trans_3

3. Another stellar blogger, Anita Campbell, from Small Business Trends, has an interview (which is also posted at the Carnival, but which we couldn't resist adding to today's post since it's sooooooo applicable to our approach to 2005)... where futurist Watts Wacker predicts "the rise of the gray hairs" and...well, do go visit and see what he says. Hint, ain't rocket science! (the URL to his site was down as we wrote our is our fervent hope that it will be up and available when you read this, dear reader. Else... click the word 'futurist' and sneak a peek into Wacker's background.)

Dickless Marketing admits that we LOVE his name! We thank Anita for this valuable insight.

What is not to like about that!


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