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Jane Features Her Five Favorites

Jane Announces the Carnival

Monday, again. Gee, it comes around pretty regular now. :-)

Monday means Carnival of the Capitalists. This week it's being hosted by Dane Carlson at Business Opportunities Weblog.

Back in October, Dane was a Smart Man Online interview. A few of the entries in today's Carnival have been interviews, also. Jane is a bit disappointed that only one other woman is represented in today's Carnival. We know there are dozens of women bloggers...we've discussed the fact that more women blog than men...so, we are left wondering -- where are our sisters in electronic communication?

Thanks go to our good friend, Anita Campbell, over at Small Business Trends for keeping up with us by posting on Top Technology Trends for 2005.

Would that the ladies of Misbehaving, or Andrea Learned, or Kirsten Osolind, had stepped up to the plate. One can only hope for next Monday...despite its falling on the first weekday after New Year's.Pics_from_old_pc_332

For those readers who visit today, we offer thanks for your support, and encouragement to visit the Carnival. For those readers who blog, we urge you to join the Carnival and make next week's post, hosted by Lisa Haneberg at Management Craft, a cornucopia of useful insight...into business, into your world, into management, into marketing, into the future.

What's not to like about that?


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I kept staying at home and shopping online during Christmas.


Wish I had time - with the Consumer Electronics Show pending and the Metropolitan Chicago Healthcare Council press conference on January 12, it's all I can do to keep my head above water. Hope to have more time for blogging next year!

Happy holidays!


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