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Good Wednesday, dear readers. In reviewing our Fit by Five post yesterday, Jane realized that there are several blogs we wish we could have added to the list. Let us just say that of the more than 170 blogs we follow (not counting RSS feeds from NY Times, Slate, Wired, Business 2.0, etc), we have some favorites that always draw our eye when we open bloglines.

Regular readers are aware of my friends in the world of "Diva marketing" to borrow Toby Bloombergy's blog title. She, of course, is a GOOD friend. I read her blog religiously. Of course, there's Kirsten Osolind of re:invention blog, and BL Ochman at WhatsNextOnline, Jennifer Rice at What's Your Brand Mantra, as well as Elana Centor at Funny Business, who just missed being a 2004 Favorite by millimeters, and a personal favorite, Anita Campbell at Small Business Trends. (in addition to the great ladies mentioned in Tuesday's Fit by Five.)

Beyond the Diva's, I read blogs on business, blogs on law, blogs on life, and so much more.

The business blogs come in the form of SlackerManager (soon to be a Smart Man Online interview), Church of the Customer, A Fine Kettle of Fish, Radiant Marketing Group, Blog Business World, Business Opportunities Weblog, and several others who will be named in upcoming posts.

The blawgs...law blogs...may be fewer...but they are chock full of "people" facts; information valuable to all of us in more than any legal sense we can think of. I read them because the writers are information professionals-- they strive to share information, to make their world more understandable, and to make sense of knowledge management, a task that is never-ending.

For the record, my favorite blawg, of course, is written by my fiance Tom; he calls it Knowledge Aforethought and it rocks! Being engaged to a "recovering lawyer" helped get me introduced to the likes of Dennis Kennedy (whose blog is Dennis Kennedy blog-- can't get less legalese than that!) and Matt Homan at The [non] Billable Hour. Then, I found Joy London at Excited Utterances, who is a law librarian, not a lawyer. There are dozens of [legal] blawgs, which I know of through these fine folks, but...these are my favorites-- these are the ones I read on a regular basis.

Blogs on life are a horse of a different color, if we may borrow a phrase from The Wizard of Oz. There is Dave Pollard, writing for Salon, on how to save the world, my friend Sean at PsychoTactics, which could be a business blog but delves so deeply into the psychology of life we think he belongs here, and...our very personal favorite, the one blog that is so dear to our heart, that we sometimes wonder if the writer wasn't peeking into our brain, composing our thoughts, writing the Business of Life so eloquently, that she captured our very soul. Jill Fallon, who drove up to visit us earlier this month...and proved that blogging is a connecting communication-- has this to say about the business of life, in view of the reports on the tsumai,

"In this last nod to 2004, we should remember waves. We can look back on human history and see that fundamental change rises from nowhere, and is revolutionary. Waves like the 1918 Influenza Pandemic, or the 1929 Crash; waves such as Pearl Harbor and Trinity, or a crumbling Berlin Wall, or the World Wide Web. In retrospect, there were impending signs, and surely their coming could have been foretold if anyone was attuned and heard. We should recognize that our greatest asset as living beings is our capacity to absorb waves. In so doing, we transform ourselves, and move ahead. The waves of this world make us a better people. We will endure only if we create opportunity from the abrupt realities that rise from the sea.

Change comes in waves.  Being prepared, being resilient, being compassionate is what we all must do as we endure the Business of Life and the waves that change everything."

To fully appreciate Jill's writing,  you must go back to her post and read what she has written about the tidal wave. Keyboard_blue2_1

Dear reader, we have one last blog to add...along with a note...the blog is Bob Bly's blog...the note is: Bob, are you there? Notice how big blogging is... notice how it's growing... favor us with a post now and then. Your readers are waiting.

Tomorrow, we hope...hope being the operative word...to have an interview that will end 2004 in style. Our interviewee is a bundle of dynamite-- someone who is super-intelligent and full of life experiences. Someone who is not afraid to speak out when speaking out is necessary. Watch this space.

What's not to like about that?


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Yvonne---does this make me a Diva Wannabe? Actually I am thrilled to be an almost ran. Gives me something to look forward to next year.

Thanks for all of your support this year--I'm looking forward to lots of happy blogging in '05

Here's to a healthy and happy!

Jill Fallon


You've touched my heart. Before this year, I never wrote about the things that concerned me the most. Now that I have and I can read the wonderful words you wrote about my blogs, I consider this a great year. I've developed a finer appreciation of the Web, of blogs, of the many smart women and men online who generously give us their best thinking that I wouldn't have known about were it not for you. And, best of all, I have a great new friend in you Yvonne and Tom too. Thank you so much for including me.

Wayne Hurlbert

Thanks for mentioning my blog among the many wonderful blogs that made the "Jane Cut". By the way, Lip-Sticking is a blog that should be included in every "Best Of Blogs" list itself.

The number of tremendous blogs is growing rapidly, and you have chosen some of the best of the best. I am honoured to be listed among them.

B.L. Ochman

Wow! Thank you so much Yvonne, for mentioning my blog in such good company.

Wishing you a great 2005.
B.L. Ochman


Yvonne -

Yvonne -

It's an honor to be mentioned with some of the finest women bloggers (and guys too!).

Thanks for reminding us that exciting aspects of the blogosphere are the smart passionate people who generously share information and stories that take us steps beyond our own comfort zone.

All the best for 2005!

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