Jane Gives Credit
Smart Woman Online: Bonnie Stanley

Jane Gets A Little Behind

Jane prefers not to comment on the double-entendre of the title of this post, we merely hope it amuses you, dear readers.

Perhaps some of you have noticed...that the interview scheduled for today did not happen. Jane certainly hopes some of you noticed!

Life interfered.

Jane apologizes for getting a little behind. :-) We are trying to have a Smart Woman, a VERY Smart Woman Online, interview for tomorrow. Stay tuned to see if it comes about...

Meanwhile, we are so excited -- and pleased -- to note that a great blog not mentioned in the last few days, a blog whose author often writes about one of our favorite subjects-- baby boomers (we are one, in case you wanted to know), has given Jane, and our book, some very nice PR.

David Wolfe over at Ageless Marketing (isn't THAT a great title for a blog...and for life?) even posted Jane's picture. That's not really Jane...well...okay, it is. But we have a better picture, which we will post on our updated, redesigned Smart Marketing to Women Online movable type blog in 2005.

At this time, we want to thank David for commenting on our comment on his blog...refering to "aging baby boomers" as if we are. Aging, that is.

Jane is not aging. Jane is better than ever. Jane would like all readers to understand that she is not alone. Many, many baby boomers, and our nearest cousins, those who think of themselves as boomers despite the census putting them in that other category-- beginning with S--are vibrant, happy, energetic, intelligent, athletic folks...who buy products online all the time.

Curses to those who think otherwise! Kudos to David and his parting words in today's post:

In other words, a person’s negative views of aging can actually cause decay in his or her memory.

So, your best vaccine against memory decline may be to learn to love the idea of growing old. Peacock2

Just ask David. He's 72 and sounds like he plans on strutting his stuff at least till the ripe young age of... oh, 122 or so... Thanks for the mention, David.

What's not to like about that?


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Yvonne DiVita

Thanks for noticing, Rosa! Christine, good to hear from someone new. I've been noticing that ads are getting even more focused on the young'uns. It used to bother me...until I turned it all around and realized that I'm a young'un, too! If the advertisers don't recognize my youth and vitality, they lose. My daughters always drag me to the Jr department because those fashions are "hip" or something. I know it's selling out but I do purchase clothes in the Jr department...because I can. Not all women over 50 feel comfortable doing that. Perhaps we-- women such as you and I-- and men such as David Wolfe-- will give the current advertisers a wrinkle to consider: folks who never left youth and vitality behind when they hit 40. Could happen.

Christine Taylor

Bill Husted's persona is a put-on, I'm not worried about him. What makes me crazy are advertisers' well-known hot pursuit of the 18-35 year-old demographic - when it's the Boomers who spend most of the money in this country on consumer goods. *sigh*

Rosa Say

Hana Hou, you tell 'em Yvonne!

And yes, I did look for your interview this morning ... will stay tuned.

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