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Jane Announces the Carnival

Jane Markets to Women Who Shop Online

A very Merry Christmas, dear readers.

Jane expects all to be otherwise engaged on this cheery morning. For those who are celebrating other holidays, other events, or merely enjoying the festivities of the moment, Jane would like to offer a short post.

A post on marketing to women. Women who shop online. Women who, even after the tinsel and ribbon is packed away, and the wrapping paper and bows are carted out to the trash, will be returning to the Internet to shop once again.

Here is what Jane would like our readers to learn about marketing to women online today, and tomorrow, when Jane will not be posting on Lip-sticking...

1. American Demographics, in a report earlier this year, identified Gen X Moms (those women between the ages of 28-39) as the decision makers in the home. The article noted that these young women are most influenced by ...their partner/husband and by their son or daughter, under 13 years of age!

Lesson learned: Kids...they have power.

2. A report from the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies, 2002, showed the top 20 companies "cultivating the Hispanic Market." Companies such as Proctor & Gamble, and Ford, and AT&T. All companies in the 'bigger than we are' range, dear reader... but ones that, nevertheless, recognize the value of a growing demographic.

Jane hopes you are paying attention to the rise of the Latino market, and as such, she suggests you visit Hispanic Trending for the most up-to-date, relevant information on this subject. Our good friend, Juan, knows whereof he speaks... we rely on his market reports and interviews regularly.

Remember that within the Hispanic market, women play an important role. Learn how they think by reading Juan's blog.

3. The Center for Media Research posted, earlier this month, an article on Small Town America showing that shopping online is a rising activity in rural settings.

Bill Tancer, Vice President of Research, Hitwise, said "With the holiday shopping season well underway, Internet users in remote, rural segments are taking advantage of the convenience and comprehensiveness of online retailing. Interestingly, the data indicate that this higher propensity of rural Internet users extends across all socioeconomic segments, from the working class to the transplanted elite."

Which only means...Moms and Grandmoms and Gen X women and teens, are all flocking to URLs to shop...instead of battling snow, ice, and traffic to parade around the malls. Marketing to women online...it's here, it's now, it's where you should be courting them, with emotional, heart-tugging ads that hit'em where they feel it the most: in their pocketbooks!

Jane predicts that this trend will not end come January 1, 2005. Prepare now for increased online spending in the coming year.

Adapt and adopt, or close up shop.

As a final note today, Jane recommends that seekers of information on Pics_from_old_pc_242_1knowledge management... which, in and of itself, is the only way to approach sales and marketing: by understanding how people use knowledge-- can be found at Bill Ives's blog, over at Portals and KM . He has some neat posts guaranteed to get your mind swirling with creativity. The kind that leads to "Aha!" moments.

We ask you, what's not to like about that?


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