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Jane Recommends Five Niche Markets for Great Gifts

Internet Retailer's December issue cites the Top 50 Retailing Sites on the Web. Jane was pleasantly surprised to see a few names in there that she wasn't aware of previously. Since there is still plenty of time to find that special, unique, one-of-a-kind gift we know you plan on giving to your most cherished friends and relatives...via the net..., dear reader, Jane would like to highlight the Five Best Web sites, out of the 50 in IR's list, that we give the Dickless Marketing "Female Friendly" check to. Sites that will help you create awe and delight when you present your gifts on that all important morning or evening this holiday Dm_friend_trans season.

1. Auntie's Beads...a site which easily earns the Dickless Marketing "Female Friendly" check. The site is designed for visual and verbal learners. Beads, jewelry, descriptions, even a page for kids, as well as books and videos on how to use the beads to make your own jewelry, makes this site a great place to wander around...and get exciting ideas on how to make this year more colorful and fun than ever before. (Jane was especially drawn to the .... cruise invitation! And...the invitation to talk to the CEO!)

2. Blue Nile...seems familiar to us, but we think that's because we have an inner desire to be draped in diamonds. Doesn't everyone? Blue Nile makes buying diamonds painless. One expects to pay a decent price-- please spare us from the 'Mart' stores and their hype on jewelry-- and Blue Nile not only presents its products well, but instructs the buyer on how to choose the right diamond for the right occasion. Their Gift Ideas section had Jane wiping the drool from her lip...and grinning -- because these smart, wonderful, sparkly folks have a section for men! It's so nice to see that some people recognize that our friend Dick might be a jewlery aficionado, also. Dm_friend_trans_1

3. Ebags...is, no doubt, familiar to some readers. Jane had dejavu visiting the site, but we wonder how well you know it, dear reader. It's such a fun click through! The homepage is simply designed, with easy navigation, and a great big dialog box on the bottom left that !invites! comments on how to improve the site! Oh, Jane was tickled pink to see that. Have we not advised all of you to put just such a box on your sites?? Meanwhile, the small graphic of a lady's boot, on the lower right caught our attention with this notation, "Free shipping on our shoe site." Clicking through sent Jane into swoons! Retailers pay attention! Ebags gets it right!

4. Smart Bargains...for the spendthrift among us. How can we say that...and include the word 'bargain'? Because this site offers brand name items at discount prices, while still taking time to look like as good as Neiman Marcus (different, but as good in design and navigation) and better than the 'Mart' stores. We're impressed with their "Quick Search" capabilities, and their "Give the BDm_friend_trans_2est for Less" section. We expect many of you will find exactly what you're looking for, in an appropriate price range, here at Smart Bargains. (Oh, do check out their "lunchtime specials" which are offered between 12pm and 3pm ET.)

5. ToolKing...our last, best (?), most interesting site, combines Top Sellers of the Week, with Customer's Comments, and the All Important Gift Card offer. Ladies, if you're into the "build it yourself" group of women who watch those neat home improvement cable shows, get this URL in front of the man in your life. Men, if you like tools (and Jane knows you do...just as well as she knows how much her girl friends like diamonds), this is the site to show-off to your Mrs. or Ms. There'sCopy_of_xmas something for everybody here!

All we can say is: What's not to like about that?


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Thanks for your comment on Blue Nile.I like gems as much as the next person but a decent prices is very important. diamond are a girls best friend after all. Great gift ideas.

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