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Announcing: 100bloggers and More

Jane hopes you are having as delightful a Sunday as she is. Do you notice how often Jane uses the word 'delightful'? Isn't delightful a...marvelous word? It conveys sunshine and happiness. Qualities Jane wishes for all of our readers, especially on a Sunday afternoon.

Jane's day started a bit late. Are we to be chastized for sleeping in? Never! Sleeping in is certainly necessary now and then. This morning we rose to greet a snowy, icy morning, much after the alarm usually arouses us--oh, around 7 a.m. As we swung our legs over the side of the warm bed, ignoring the chill of the morning air, we vaguely remembered that in the shadowy hours of 5 a.m. both animals had disturbed us for one thing or'd already been in and out of bed several times. Unless it was all a dream. One is inclined to think so... until the animals rush at us clamoring pitifully for food, or attention, or both.

It is now past noon and Jane is ready to make some announcements. We hope you are hearing these second-hand-- we hope you have read these very same things on other blogs-- we hope, beyond hope, that we are not the first to aprise you of the exciting things happening in the blogosphere. But, if we are, we are delighted to be the bearers of such good news.

First, Jane is proud to say we are to be part of an outstanding project called 100Bloggers. Jon Strande of the Business Evolutionist is the brains behind the concept-- a winning idea that is both intriguing: what will it look like when all is said and done; and full of simplicity: it exists to share ideas, through blogging. Here's how it works: Jon invited 25 bloggers to help him write a book to "promote the unique, fresh voice of bloggers and help push the concept of blogging further into the mainstream."

Jon has invited a number of A-list bloggers to help write this book. No doubt, you will be hearing a LOT more about this, dear readers. For those who are not aware of it-- in her 'other' life, Jane is part of an Author Services Company-- website currently in redesign-- ( andJon did not know this when he invited Jane to participate in his excellent project), which makes this a project dear to our hearts. What excitement we feel to be a part of such a worthwhile endeavor! We have every confidence that, with all the talent involved (visit Jon's blog to see who he has on board already), this book will sail to the top of many a best-seller list. Perhaps-- with YOUR help, dear reader.

Jane has already mentioned her involvement with the Pro-Bloggers group, ala Paul Chaney at Radiant Marketing Group, but we have yet to announce another project we are working on with A-list bloggers, Anita Campbell (Small Business Trends) and Wayne Hurlbert (Blog Business World) and Tom Collins (Knowledge Aforethought.) Jane must withhold the details on this project for now...we can only say it's another book...a book that will demystify blogging...a book that will join the ranks of Dave Young's book, BL Ochman's book, Debbie Weil's book, and all other blogging books, as a must-read.

Jane would like to add one more thing-- books are the lifeblood of society. Books provide entertainment, education, stimulation, instruction, guidance, excitement, inspiration and so much more. Books are, at our core, what Lip-sticking and Jane are all about. In the near future, we will have another GIGANTIC announcement to make...concerning books. Library2

For now, we leave you with the thought that Jane is not alone in her admiration and adoration of books. Women all over the U.S. love books. 68% of the books bought and sold in the U.S. are bought and read by women. Which leads us to wonder...shouldn't YOU, dear reader, consider writing a book, too?

What's not to like about that?


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