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Mother nature is asserting her influence in Upstate NY, today, dear readers. The temperature refuses to budge above -1 degree, which makes it that much colder outside, with the wind chill and all. To be honest, Jane is finding it a might nippy right here in her own office. We're considering our blue fluffy robe-- the one the children always called the Big Blue Bear. If only it were possible to wear it and still manage the keyboard...

Before we go on to our Fit by Five, and have a little Fun Online, Jane would like to remind you, dear reader, that yesterday was Monday, and Monday, of course, means Carnival of the Capitalists. This week it was hosted by our dear friend, Anita Campbell over at Small Business Trends. We need say nothing more than-- visit her site and be introduced to some excellent professional bloggers. Anita did a superb job of introducing each blog and blogger, and of providing readers with insight into each blog post.

Lip-sticking has a post there, of course, but we encourage you to visit the Carnival for the valuable insight all of the bloggers offer, on business issues, politics, and communication. You will also learn where next week's Carnival is being hosted... and if you are a blogger, we encourage you to send along a post of your own.

Now, for a little Fun Online today.

MediaPost delivered this fun report to us on January 12th,

"Young, Rich, and Wired; Wealthy Gen X-ers Rely On Internet"

Essentially, the report wants us to know that the youth of America have developed a dependency on the Internet. Jane would like to say you heard it here first...but, honestly, now-- we've been hearing this for a year and a half, and a year and half longer than that! This report notes that "Young Affluents Online" earn more than $75,000 a year, and depend on the Web 43% more than the average online consumer.

Jane would like to say-- big deal. These affluent youngsters are primarily male-- because we still live in a society that rewards males with a higher income-- and these young men are not shopping at your website!

Dear reader, if you would sell online; if you aspire to making money online; if you want to see your bank account grow this year-- market to women who shop online. Market to the mothers and girl friends of these "affluent males." Jane is not quoting any stats on that, nor are we throwing industry research at you to support our position. We ask that you trust us...and, read on.

A second report from Mediapost, two days following the Young Affluents report, said, "OPA: Shopping Sites Gained at Content's Expense Last Month." One may have to read between the lines to decipher the facts in this report. Let Jane help you out, dear reader.

To quote the entire opening sentence, "In December, for the third month in a row, consumers increased the proportion of time they spent visiting e-commerce sites while decreasing the share of Web-surfing time spend at news, entertainment, and other content sites, according to a report released Thursday by the Online Publishers Association."

Jane will say two things, dear reader: one is-- holiday shopping. The second is-- who did more of it? Mom or Dad? Men or women? Girls or boys? (that is a rhetorical question, of course.) Lest Jane be accused of misreporting the news, the OPA report goes on to say that all Web activity increased in 2004, over 2003-- big surprise! The important thing for YOU to note, dear reader, is that shopping is big. And, women still own that space. Remember, women own 71 million more credit cards than men do.

Now, we must move on to a marvelous story about shopping online-- for food! Reporter Greg Saitz writes, "Online shopping for food makes a comeback in New Jersey and elsewhere." Citing Peapod and the now defunct Webvan, Saitz shows encouraging results for the online grocery shopping sector.

According to Saitz, Peapod owns the space, for now, and just increased its delivery service by 13 zip codes, many of them in New Jersey. However, Saitz goes on to show that Netgrocer is also doing well, delivering nonperishables via FedEx! Jane is going to watch this space carefully. We think YOU should be watching, also. In fact, here's a site we know of that helps consumers locate favorite out-of-stock grocery items...My Brands, Inc. This company will help you with those Hard to Find Favorites, and then deliver them, too!

More fun came from our friends at MediaPost on Friday, Jan. 14th. This report justifies Jane's advice to get out there and make your web presence work for you; MediaPost wrote, "Newspaper Outlook Remains  Dour, Online a 'Bright Spot.'"

Offline ad spending is becoming less impressive, when compared with the benefits of online ad spending, according to Merrill Lynch in this report. To quote, "Most newspaper companies are experienceing strong double-digit gains in online revenues, mostly incorporated in the separate ad categories."

Online ad spending-- with your local paper. Worth looking into, we think. Redlips

Lastly, Jane couldn't resist sharing this with you, dear reader:

"City Square Consulting Launches Blog 'Online Conversion & Beyond'"

Subtitle: "City Square Consulting launches blog to focus on the missing link between online and offline sales conversion for B2B and B2C e-commerce merchants."

'Nuff said.

What's not to like about that?


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