How to Fool Your Way into the Upper Echelon in Six Easy Steps
Jane Continues "How to Fool Your Way..."

Look, Dick...See Jane, See Jane Dominate the Net

The clock is ticking here at Jane's, dear reader. There is much to accomplish today-- a list as long as it is important. Client tasks, writing tasks, website tasks, blogging tasks! Oh my!

We hope many of you tuned in to read Part Iof our story, "How to Fool Your Way into the Upper Echelon in Six Easy Steps," yesterday. To recap, we will be writing fiction on Sunday's, for awhile. Certainly until someone cries, "Stop! Torture in blogs is unethical!" Part II of "How to Fool Your Way into the Upper Echelon in Six Easy Steps," will be posted next Sunday. Tune in to see what happens to Elsa and Marilyn. Will they find true love in Philadelphia? Will it be at the library or at Smith, Smith and Smythe?

On a more serious note...we once again encourage all to visit the Carnival of the Capitalists which is being hosted today at Business Opportunities Weblog. Every week Jane learns more from the bloggers who post to the Carnival, than she does reading her usual print fare-- those thick magazines that arrive on our doorstep, both invited and uninvited. We glance through them--who doesn't?-- but we trust our blog connections to get to the truth, when necessary.

Tonight Jane will be packing for our week long trip(s). As mentioned in previous posts, we are visiting the NewComm Forum in Napa Valley on Tues. and Wed. and then will be on to Dallas for a book selling seminar, then back to good old, snowy Rochester late, late on Friday, in time to give a Business Blogging Boot Camp on Saturday. Whew! Jane is worn out just thinking about it all!

We are reluctant travelers. We are truly bursting with excitement at the thought of meeting so many of our blog friends at NewComm, and at learning how to market this new tool to corporate America--effectively-- but, we are also dreading the airports, the small seats on the plane, and the long lines at the car rental place. <sigh> Still, it's all worth it.

Watch for notes on the conference...this week's blog posts will be chatter about the people and good stuff we learn there, for the most part. Yes, that means we will be veering from our usual schedule to give you the most up-to-date information we can about the forum and its participants, and what they teach us about business blogging.

Before we sign off today, we would like to share an opportunity with you, dear reader. Visit this link to A Quick 5 Minute Survey on Valentine's Day, and enter to win an iPod. Jane did it...had some fun...and yes, we could be a winner! As you could, also! Just a little fun for a bright Monday morning.Yvonneseyes2_1

What's not to like about that?


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