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Dearest readers, Jane began this post first thing this morning, over eight hours ago...and look-- we haven't progressed very far!

Being away for five days has forced us to play catch-up. But, lest we sound as if we're whining, we wish to inform all that we are delighted to be answering emails from many, many friends and colleagues. To be answering phone calls for "propositions" (not those kinds of propositions...those come in comment spam, which Typepad is very good at eliminating, almost before Jane even sees them!), and to be connecting with local partners.

We promised a report on the conference and so you shall have it. Today's will be short as there is a chubby kitty at our feet meowing for food and she has already been overly tramatized by our long absence last week, so...we hesitate to upset her further.

The NewComm Forum: Blog University-- one blog post will never suffice to reveal everything we learned, all the marvelous people we met, the good food we were treated to, and the wonderful resort we stayed in. Therefore, this week will be devoted entirely to the NewComm. Tune in to read news, hear stories, and learn a lot from our Smart Man Online this Thursday. We have snagged a celebrity---which was pretty easy because he's such a great guy, very down to earth and likeable. You'll see. We promise.

Meanwhile, Jane has to admit that...we have never been to such a worthwhile conference. We need to thank Elizabeth Albrycht and Jen McClure, who arranged the conference, and who were friendly, warm, accommodating, and genuinely helpful every step of the way. Elizabeth was exactly as we imagined- smart, funny, confident, and very girlish. Not girlish in the simpering, Betty Boop way-- no! Girlish in a youthful, energetic, happy all the time way. What a delight it was to finally meet her in person!

Jen was just as warm and friendly, and exuded an earthiness we equate with being taken care of. She made sure everyone was comfortable and she was always there to answer questions or direct traffic. It was clear Jen was enjoying all the people. Truth be told, we might not have made it to the conference but for Jen's help. She was our phone contact and our greeter when we arrived!

We will say one thing about San Francisco: never in a million years. Okay, that's more than one word. But, our experience in the city by the bay was less than delightful. 'Nuff said. Perhaps it was our hurried pace, or the rainy weather, or...any number of things. Since we didn't go there for fun, it makes no never mind.

Tomorrow we will talk about ALL, or at least as many as possible, of the amazing people we met at the conference. We will reveal secrets---first impressions--and the kinds of things you won't get from the other bloggers. Yes, it business all the way-- well, mostly-- but, Jane went to have a little fun, too. And we accomplished our goal.

To Elisa, the Queen Bee, who sat with us that first night, we would like to say thank you for your smile, your conversation, and your friendliness. No wonder your blog is so neat! It's a new one to us and one we will be following regularly! We love hearing your Mac talk.Queenscrown

All others...we will get to you. Never fear. Jane took notes.

Now, what's not to like about that??


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Elizabeth Albrycht

Wow...thanks Yvonne! What a nice post. I can't wait to read more "dish." I am glad you had a good time. I know I did! Unfortunately, I turned into a giant pumpkin about 10 p.m. Wednesday and missed some of the more lively midnight discussions at the bar (damn jet lag).

It was just so faboo to meet so many people that I read all of the time in person! I can't wait until April (Paris anyone??).

Elisa Camahort

No need to thank me! It was a great evening :) I'm very flattered to be in your first report from Napa.

Thanks for visiting my blog...and adding it to your blog roll. Rest assured Lipsticking is going right on mine, both at my personal and my Worker Bees blog.

The best part of any conference, in my experience, is the people you met and spend time with outside the session rooms. NewComm Forum was no different. I hope I run into you again soon!

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