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Jane Announces: LexThink!

Good morning, dear readers. Good dreary morning. Jane wonders...if you're selling products and services on the web, if you're hoping 2005 will be a banner year for you, are you taking advantage of the weather?

You're thinking I've lost my mind...but, no, I'm serious. The weather is a popular topic. It comes up in conversation daily--- Jane knows of at least 3 U.S. cities that claim to own the silly phrase, "Don't like the weather...hang around, it'll change in 10 minutes." Our own Rochester, NY is one of them.

Well, Jane hopes you offer your visitors sunny skies and invitations to "stick around, it gets better by the minute." The mind is a powerful tool. Images of sunny climes and white beaches, of folks picnicking and playing volleyball are good mood lifters. Improve your visitor's mood, and you start them off on the right foot. Even the left foot...for those of us who are left-handed, which puts us in our right mind.

That is not what Jane wanted to talk about today. We thought we should say something weatherwise since our delightful sunny yesterday has turned into a dull, slippery today...and it took longer than 10 minutes! Yet, we remain enthusiastic for an exciting spring.

Part of our enthusiasm comes from a recent invitation. Jane could hardly believe her ears several weeks ago when, on a Saturday afternoon, the phone rang and she heard Matt Homann's voice in her ear. Matt Homann, the VERY FIRST Smart Man Online interview, is an extraordinary blogger--and lawyer--and the author of the [non]billable hour. He was calling to invite us to-- LexThink!

Haven't heard of LexThink? It's the brainchild of Matt and his good friend, Dennis Kennedy, two innovative thinkers in a world of mediocrity: that being the world of law. We use the word 'mediocrity' loosely-- it's a term we citizens outside of law firm doors might use to describe our dealings with lawyerly folk...yet, the truth is never that staid. Jane has known many lawyers in our day, and most of them have been amusing, intelligent, overly helpful, witty, and not at all stuffy, or mediocre.

Yet, the stigma sticks to the profession like a barnacle to a boat. Dennis and Matt are working hard to peel that ugly image away-- to reveal truth beneath it--a truth that says, we're in a new world now. A digital world. A world where the citizen is in charge and even lawyers must bend to our will. LexThink! is designed to be a gathering of "an all-star cast of 'big thinkers' from the worlds of law, business, design, marketing, and technology."

Jane gets goose-bumps at the thought of rubbing shoulders with such worldly folk-- yet, we must admit--Matt and Dennis know what they are doing; they invited us because we are big thinkers.

The "all-star cast" (which still remains secret) will assemble in Chicago on April 3rd. As more information becomes available, we will share, dear readers. In the meantime, we hope you will share your thoughts on any important subjects you wish Jane to bring to LexThink! We are not in this for US, we represent YOU... so let us know what's on your mind regarding new technology, innovative thoughts, law in the 21st century, or where the little guy fits in the greater scheme of things.

We will be there not with bells on, but with movie star sunglasses...because theMiah_close_up_sunglasses company we will be keeping will most likely shine like an August afternoon on a cruise ship bound for Tahiti.

What's not to like about that?


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