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This week's Carnival of the Capitalists is up at Coyote Blog. There is good reading there, good information, and, as always, a wealth of new blogs to visit. And Jane covets a handbag. If you visit the Carnival, you will see what we mean.

Meanwhile, we would like to share a little something that came across our desk the other day. We are not sure how we came to receive this gem, it almost seems spamish-- but-- the title is a perfect Jane topic, so we think we either came across Jackie (who sent it to us) or we were lucky enough to be chosen by someone else to have this sent to us.

The newsletter is called Winning Women's Secrets. The issue I received was titled, "Women & Men in Business Together." Jackie points out, so correctly, that  "many workplaces are fraught with the negative focus on our differences." Her bolding. She ascertains that, "This negative focus allows no room for acceptance and understanding and certainly does not provide a platform from which any individual can grow."

Jane could not have said it better. We hope you will visit Jackie and take advantage of her great newsletter. It comes with gems of insight into the man-woman thing. This particular issue commented on the men are from Mars and women are from Venus thinking-- pointing out that-- in reality, we're all from good ole Earth. We live her together, it's time we learned to work here together.

As a closing note, Jane would like to direct our lady readers to Kirsten Osolind's blog where she has a neat promotion going on: 10 Tips for 10 Million Women (tm). Kirsten, of course, is THE place to get the most valuable and current info on who's doing what in or for the women's market. She is a huge supporter of women and women's issues, and is NOT anti-male-- although she is not afraid to call them out on the carpet, when they deserve it. Come to think of it, she's called a number of ladies out on the carpet, also.

We hope you will also notice Kirsten's interview with Marilyn Kourilsky, a professor at UCLA's Graduate School of Education & Information Studies,  who has a new book out -- The New Female Entrepreneur -- that Jane will need to get our hands on asap! One little nitpicky point-- Ms. Kourilsky says women aren't networkers--- Jane would like to disagree. Perhaps Ms. Kourilsy only knows women who can't or don't network, but Jane knows hundreds of women who are great at networking.

Certainly there is no good old girls network, but...there are plenty of good old girls, and we are out there showing our daughters the ropes. Networking is just another way to connect-- something women are fabulous at! Something Kirsten is fabulous at. So, we wonder why people keep saying women aren't good at networking. Could it be they are still buying into that old boy's network that saysWow we aren't?

Not here. Not in Jane's world. We're smoking!

What's not to like about that?


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Yvonne DiVita

Kirsten, I feel your pain concerning the woman's magazine. I have been there myself. You are so right about the 'way' women network. I hope-- can it be?-- that Gen Xers and Gen Ys are going to change that. And yet, women are inherently interested in other women's lives, so, I doubt we will give up our 'chattiness' when we network. I wonder-- what's the solution? Your site, and blog, are pioneers in supporting women business owners, with links to so many others-- surely we'll see a turn for the better this decade?


Thanks, Yvonne. Been a little down today because I lost negotiations on the column I was hoping for in a major women's magazine. They wanted more "fluff and fairy dust" and less facts. We couldn't see eye to eye. Someday Oprah will call (at least that's my dream).

Agree with your perspective on women and networking. Women love to network. But we still have "conversational capital deficits." We women need to commit ourselves to making our words, our networking, and our business discussions count.

When women network, even the most consummate business women will speak of the weather, our children, the delightful blend of lemon zest and spice in the salad dressing. Money and business are often deemed "dirty words." We women don't ask the hard facts. We women don't lay our needs on the business table. Thus, women often fail to help other women win. Men who network with other men for business generally don't shirk from discussing financing, companies, business leads and keeping score. They start by talking about sports but quickly bridge to talking about business. They are darn good at keeping score with one another.

We women are incredible at building emotional equity with one another - but we need to correct our "conversational capital deficits."

With your continued success in mind...


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