Jakes: Part II
Jane's Five Ways to Use an Interview to Market Your Business

Jane Gets in the Carnival Spirit

Monday morning...a day of dread for many. Not for Jane. Each new week is a new beginning, full of excitement and expectation. Jane is always eager to do new things, meet new people, and accomplish new goals.

We open the week with our usual announcement to visit the Carnival of the Capitalists at The Raw Prawn, today. Adam Crouch has done one of the best jobs Jane has seen so far. This is no simple task...taking dozens of blog posts and compiling them into something user-friendly and easy to read. One thing we do notice is that-- there are not a lot of women hosts involved in the Carnival.

Next week's host is the Coyote Blog, and the week after that the Carnival will be hosted at Blogcritics, where Jane often posts book reviews and notes on our thoughts regarding American culture.

We hope more ladies will step up to the plate.Take a visit to the Carnival of the Capitalists hosting page and sign up today, ladies. Let your voice be heard!

Back here at home, Jane would like to join Paul Chaney of Radiant Marketing in announcing a new magazine: blogging!magazine, editor: Jim Turner, who sent me an email already with information on advertising! Good work! Unfortunately, Jane does not see a link to a webpage or blog describing the magazine...and is a bit hesitant to place an ad in something we don't know very much about.

Any information you, dear readers, or Jim, if he's reading, can provide...such as a table of contents and a list of writers...would go far to helping us judge the value of this new publication. While we applaud its availability, and the note in the email we received which said,

"The magazine is offering these special low rates to interested blog businesses because frankly blogging! magazine is a new magazine that has yet to be tested in the market place.   We anticipate providing free subscriptions and copies of the debut issue to as many bloggers as we can reach within the monthly period, including giveaways to all Blog Explosion users.   We foresee a considerable interest within the personal blogging community, and significant interest from corporations and businesses wanting to enter into the blogging world.  We will have ad banners and the website on Blog Explosion with purchased advertising throughout the period of the issue.  In addition we will appear on Google’s Adwords and various blogs across the Internet."

Jane would like your thoughts, kind readers... should we explore this further-- or, should we wonder: why weren't we contacted to WRITE something for this publication? Smart_woman2_2

Perhaps we will wait and see...perhaps we will get proactive and make a phone call. Perhaps... we will do what women do-- and discuss this with some friends first.

What's not to like about that?


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