How to Fool Your Way into the Upper Echelon: Part III
Five Phenomenal Folks from the Forum

Jane is Typing as Fast as We Can

Dear readers, Jane is in a tizzy. We are desperate to catch up on our blog reading-- so much marvelous content is being produced by all of our blogger friends, and by many, many new bloggers we are just meeting, but time is not on our side. Today, at Catallarchy, Jonathan Wilde has composed a super posting for the Carnival of the Capitalists ...which we hope you will visit to find a cornucopia of valuable business information...and life instruction. The Carnival is always so varied, Jane finds many posts that touch the businesswoman in us as well as the Mom and the little girl and the lady who just wants the world to be at peace.

We had hoped to write more about our trip to Napa Valley, but...duty calls this morning. There is much to report on the NewComm Forum, much more to talk about, secrets to share, and girl things to reveal. Jane promises to share these tidbits with you--in due time.

Is this not the way of life today? Rushing from appointment to appointment? Meeting some extraordinarily talented people whom we know--without a doubt--are going to set the world on fire...all the while, missing our blog friends, and our posts? Surely, there is a moment somewhere to read and comment on the detailed information showing in our Bloglines--including the fact that bloglines was bought by Ask Jeeves--a fact we wish we knew more about. All these mergers and acquisitions get so confusing to Jane!

Meanwhile, Jane hopes you take this post to heart. This is the world of woman. And her man. In the coming weeks and months, Lip-sticking is going to focus more on woman and her man. We, the ladies, do not exist alone in this emerging spring of business and communication. We share it-- most happily-- with the men in our lives. Whether that's a husband, significant other, brother, father, uncle or son. We are more willing today-- young and old alike-- to open our arms and hearts to the men we meet--because, dear reader, the men are asking us to let them in.

So many men today are forward thinking-- discarding the shackles put on them by the old Dick and Jane days of the previous century. Instead of fearing the "I am woman, hear me roar," these men are welcoming the, "I am woman, hear me roar, my home is now my store, my office and so much more."

It's that "so much more" they're interested in. Woman and her man. Together we will see them change the world. Mark my words!Redlips_1

What's not to like about that?


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