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Jane Tells the Story of "Jakes"

Jane Makes an Attempt

Jane is looking out our office window at swiftly falling snow. Beautiful in its imagery, representative--to Jane--of hope and spring. The wintery chill reminds us that we are still locked into the northeastern season of ice and wind. Yet, tis but the prediction of a warmer time, when grass will sprout again, when trees will bloom with vibrant green, and all the flowers will poke curious heads above ground, in search of warmer breezes.

Yes, we are longing for winter to be over--and the snow could depress us if we allowed it to, but we prefer to welcome it, even cheer it on, during this Cupidimportant Valentine's weekend. Because, dear reader, regardless of the weather outside, we are cozy and warm inside, and the view through our window is really quite spectacular. Let it snow. Cupid will still come...

Meanwhile, the blogosphere seems to have been abuzz with more than the usual amount of activity of late. We are growing faster than a toddler on energy drinks. A visit to the outstanding has such an overflowing of bloggersations, Jane struggles to keep up.

For those who need a break from work, and the business of marketing to the women Jane insists (suggests?) you create your marketing message for, there is a fine group of posts on Award Ceremonies at Blogcritics. Jane clicked on Gretchen Wilson's image and took a short break to listen to a few of her excellent tunes.

For those who have the time, there is a link to the Michael Jackson trial... though we really think he gets enough publicity and we wish bloggers would IGNORE him. Just our humble opinion, dear reader.

If Blogcritics is just too much for you to assimilate on a lazy Saturday morning, we encourage you to click over to Rosa Say's marvelous Talking Story with Say Leadership Coaching. Rosa is one of our favorite writers-- and a dear, dear friend, though we have never met in person. We love Rosa because she is outward focused--on the Aloha! principle--she shares her love and her warmth with everyone. Her blog is always overflowing with the kind of advice and recommendations every business owner needs.

Jane demands--- all right, Jane never demands--- Jane believes you will be filled with excitement--is that better? if you click over to Rosa's blog and learn more about Rosa's "Hawaiian Technorati Tags: . . . . . . . ."

Over at B.L. Ochman's WhatsNextBlog, there is an announcement ALL bloggers and website managers should know about. B.L. cites a free teleconference being offered by Marketing Sherpa on Feb. 15th, re: an eyetracking study they did. B.L. always gets the good stuff first-- we think she has a little bird who flies around the net and brings back these excellent nuggets, which she shares willingly with the rest of us. For those readers who visit Lip-sticking but may not have clicked over to B.L.'s lately, Jane hopes you will click over now...else miss out on some of the best marketing and sales information on the web.

Anyone who does not take advantage of Marketing Sherpa's opportunity to learn more about landing pages and how their visitors view them-- is courting business disaster on the web. It's not only what you have on your site, but where you put it. Sounds like the eyeball wars are back...

We think we have given you enough to contemplate on a Saturday. Stay tuned for tomorrow's story. Here's a sneak preview of "Jakes: Grizzly Bear or Golden Retriever, the Jury is Still Out", (pic compliments of

"John likes dogs. I knew that when I married him. But, as we cuddled together in that big round bed at Honeymoon Haven, I told him that before I would allow a mangy dog into my house to ruin my Golden_retrievercarpets, I would eat my hat.

John, ever anxious to please his new wife, smiled, tweaked my nose, and winked. I should have known that wink meant trouble."

We'll find out tomorrow...what is not to like about that! ;-)


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Rosa Say

Aloha Yvonne, mahalo for the kind words! No matter the chill outside, I am certain that you are surrounded by warmth and basking in it, for it's burning from within you.

Your writing always serves to bring sunshine in.
Looking forward to "tomorrow's story" ...
A hui hou, until then, Rosa

B.L. Ochman

Thanks so much for all the nice things you said about my blog. I am obsessed with information, can never have enough of it. And what good is information unless it's shared?

I love the dog stories. And Sammy loved em too.
B.L. Ochman
What's Next Blog

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