Smart Man Online: Jeremy Wright
How to Fool Your Way into the Upper Echelon: Part III

Jane Tackles Some Tough Tasks

We live an envious life, Jane and all the other members of Lip-sticking. Our lives revolve around communication-- having conversations, online and off-- with the best people on earth. These are regular folk-- much like you, dear reader. And also celebrities, like Bob Bly, and Jeremy Wright (our Smart Man Online interview this week), and Bob Cargill and Paul Chaney, and Michele Miller and Anita Campbell and Elizabeth Albrycht and Rosa Say, who may not necessarily consider themselves celebrities, but they are. Moon2

We'd like to list ALL of the folks who are dear to our heart...but, goodness, that would create a post that would stretch all the way to...the moon--and back!

This past week, having returned from the NewComm Forum, which we did not even have time to post on much, but will next week, we were treated to so much attention, it almost overwhelmed us! The attention came from you, dear readers. Everyone who wondered when Jane would return and write again (don't forget to tune in tomorrow for Part III of How to Fool Your Way into the Upper Echelon in Six Easy Steps-- we promise to have the conclusion next week).

There was plenty of attention from local contacts, calls to return, books to read, office space to consider, and our new website content to work on. Watch for that big announcement VERY SOON!

Meanwhile, holding the fort while Jane was away, and giving us her undivided attention once we returned, was the newest member of the Lip-sticking family, Mary Anne Mazurek, also known as Yvonne's sister (Yvonne, aka, Jane... all noted -- or 'disclosed' which is the popular word now, on our About page).

Today, we would like to announce Mary Anne's blog.

It's part of a family endeavor, attached to her husband's blog. This togetherness is something Jane has been telling you about for some time now, dear reader. We firmly believe this is the year, the decade, the millennium, of togetherness-- men and women, husbands and wives, fathers and daughters, sisters and brothers, working together side by side...because, despite our differences, Dick and Jane are not enemies, they do not want to sabotage each other's endeavors, they truly prefer to encourage each other to greater accomplishments. (picture compliments of Business Journal article: More and More Americans Working at Home, from AP, 1997)Working_at_home2_1

Therefore, we would like you to take a gander at Mary Anne's blog... Powdering Our Noses, and wish her well on her way to navigating the blogosphere. Note: we are taking possession of Mary Anne's new term: bloggersation (she used one g, we are asking her to add another) for more on this in future posts. If you choose to use it, and we encourage you to do so, please be polite and note that Mary Anne coined it.

That's all for today. We must catch up on reading, writing, and wonderful work. (A friend of ours used to say that-- "work is play" when you're doing the thing you love. We could not agree more.)

We've missed you...we'll be back in full force starting tomorrow.

We hope there's a lot to like about that!


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