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Blogging is the favored buzz word slipping into marketing and advertising all over the net, and all over main stream media. Everyone who's anyone is doing it -- so we bloggers like to think. Business magazines slip call outs about it in articles about writing ad copy, privacy issues, doing business in a digital world-- the context is varied and predictable.

But, outside of dedicated bloggers, such as Jane and many of the fine folks we talk about, blogging is still forms a big ? in most people's minds. When Jane asks people if they blog...we are usually met with a confused stare, or-- a look of panic. People admit having heard the word 'blog'...then go on to sheepishly admit they don't know what it is, or, if they do know what it is-- they often give a lame description, because, in reality, they DON'T know what it is.

The panicked folks feel as if they're missing something; as if Jane is on top of an important breaking news story they should be more aware of, and they lean in to get an explanation, they ask questions, then...they join the ranks of the confused, because no matter how simple Jane keeps our leaves them in the land of mystery. (We would like to clarify far, the women we talk to 'get it' faster than the men. Just a little fact we thought we'd slip in.)

Recently, Jane was lucky enough to get her hands on a copy of Hugh Hewitt's book, BLOG: Understanding the Information Reformation that's changing your world. We received our copy from Todd over at 800-CEO-READ. On Tuesday, Todd posted Jane's review of Hewitt's book, but we would like to add a few additional comments here.

First of all, before writing the review, Jane had not visited Hugh's blog. That was a tiny oversight on our part-- but we are not investigative reporters, after all. We have visited his blog since's overwhelming. Jane came away feeling small. But then, we are simple folk here. We write on simple things-- such as marketing to women who shop online. We follow the news, via bloglines and Peter Jennings, taking everything with a grain of salt. But, we're not Hugh Hewitt, we could never be Hugh Hewitt, and...we came away from his blog wondering how Hugh Hewitt finds time to be Hugh Hewitt.

To readers who may not know him, Hewitt is a nationally syndicated radio show host and a professor of law at Chapman University Law School. He's written many books, is intimately familiar with all the A-list, bigger than life political writers, bloggers, announcers, columnists, companies and more. We use the term 'initmately' loosely. Hewitt is a forthright, serious, adamant reporter, above all else, so-- intimate is just our way of saying-- he's got a place on the inside of the circle, folks.

BLOG, (Nelson Books, Nashville, TN, 2005) is his latest book. In it, he reveals page after page of political unrest-- coming down heavily on the folks in the blue states (folks like Jane) but not shy about noting that as a rule, people being people, whether you're a red state supporter or a blue state supporter, you should be using blogs to get your information-- because bloggers police their own. That is our term, not Hugh's. He merely points out all the lies and errors the poliblogs uncovered during the election. And, he shows folks how bloggers have the power to bring down a company-- precisely by being what we are-- informed consumers who exchange thoughts and ideas--about everything.

Hewitt has compiled a fact-filled report on the rising power of blogs. He spent a bit more time than Jane felt was necessary with the poliblogs, but as we read on and on, we have to admit, we learned a lot. Once he left the poliblogs behind and moved on to the overall blogosphere, noting that, "The blogosphere is less than five years old, and its growth rate is hugh," he grabbed Jane's attention anew, and we read on with great interest. That was on p.79.

On p. 87, he ends Chapter 4, "There's a New Sheriff in Town" with these bullets:

    • Newspapers, the big three weekly newsmagazines, CNN and the networks: failing
    • The blogosphere, the Fox News Channel, and talk radio: rising.

Jane recommends this book to all bloggers. Whether you blog to fulfill your dream of being published-- somewhere, anywhere-- or to connect with family and friends-- or to build a relationship with your customers and clients (especially women who shop online), you will learn some fascinating facts about the rise of communication and the need to report the news uncompromised by paid advertisers who control your bottom line.

To all who find this post and are not now blogging...we cannot encourage you strongly enough...start to blog today! Somewhere on the net, there is a conversation -- no, a bloggersation, going on about YOU-- find it and be ready to comment and post on it.

Hewitt says it best: "Blogs can earn that most valuable commodity [trust]. Which is why you have to get started. Your competitors already have."Power_of_words2

In the marketing to women space online, your competitors are quickly learning that a blog is a tool women like. Blogging is the 21st century version of talking over the back fence. We may watch Peter Jennings or Tom Brokaw, or whoever CBS gets to replace Dan Rather, we still read the newspaper and all of our various magazines-- but, Jane is not kidding around when she says...after we're done watching TV or reading, we're going online to blog about what we read or heard-- and all of our friends are joining us. You want to be there. Because, somewhere on the net, YOU may be the subject of our bloggersation. We invite you to join us.

What's not to like about that?


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Jill Fallon

Hugh Hewitt is great and so is his book Blog which I loved. He's one of my daily stops, but then I read more polblogs than you. Did you know he also hosts a daily radio talk show? and contributes to other online journals? You're right on when you say how does Hugh Hewitt have time to be himself. He has so much energy, he makes me want to take a nap

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