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Jane is a fortunate business woman. We have developed many exciting connections, such as the one with Rosa Say, who posted our interview yesterday, and with Toby Bloomberg from Diva Marketing, and Anita Campbell from Small Business Trends, and so many others...who will be mentioned more and more as the year moves forward.

Many of those exciting contacts are MEN! We've met Andy Wibbles, who is doing an interview of us next Thurs on his Easy Bake Weblog, and Matt Homann and Dennis Kennedy, two lawyers who are working to change the public face of law; and even...Ian Kennedy from Six Apart, the company that developed Typepad, which is our blog tool of choice.

Speaking of Six Apart, there's a prime example of a huband-wife team partnering up to make their innovative ideas work. These two young people, only 27 years old but wise beyond their years, found something to tinker with and it's grown into a...dare we say it, billion dollar business?

Jane is not concerned with the profits Six Apart is purported to be making, nor what's in store for the future (rumors say an IPO), but we are fascinated by the way these two young folks have managed to grow a business from 7 people only a year or so ago, to 70 people today. And, to attract venture capital, as well as a long list of publications writing about them.

Two people...Ben and Mena Trott, born six days apart, hence the name Six Apart, who decided to do things their way-- build a business out of imagination--well, Mena wanted a way to easily and effectively communicate online--wow! isn't that something Jane says women like, all the time?

A recent news article at BizReport says this,

"Ben is shy and gets uncomfortable when people talk about him," said Andrew Anker, Six Apart's excecutive vice-president of corporate development. "Mena gets upset when everyone is not talking about her every day."

Women like attention, folks. That's just a fact of life.Copy_of_womenandmenoncomputer

At Lip-sticking, we owe our popularity to Ben and Mena...because Typepad truly is a user-friendly blog tool. But, Jane hopes you will take their cue...and partner...men and women...together, to be more than you can be alone.

What's not to like about that?


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Anita Campbell

Hi Yvonne (and Tome and Maryanne)! Thanks for the appreciation.

Of course, I value my relationship with each of you at Windsor Media more than you can possibly realize. What great fortune to have met you through the blogsophere.

Great new corporate website, by the way! Outstanding!


Andy Wibbels

Thnx for the shoutout! The 'Dick-less Blogging' tagline had my newsletter subscribers howling!


Yvonne -

My mom and dad ran a marketing research biz together, altho they did have a few friendly disagreements, it absolutely worked for them. I believe it made their marriage stronger and certainly added to the texture of the relationship.


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