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Dear supportive readers-- Jane is beginning to get tizzy-eyed (as a wordsmith, we reserve the right to make up words) as the day of our flight to Colorado gets closer. We did tell you, did we not, that we are flying out to Colorado on business (and pleasure) to see our daughter and granddaughter, and make some connections regarding our latest book over at WME Books?

We leave on Thursday of next week...for seven wonderful days of fun and feastivities (interspersed with some work--alas!). Our mind wanders the thought of those warm, snuggly hugs from our 7-year-old granddaughter, and the lump we'll feel in our throat, the swelling of our heart, when our daughter crosses the stage to take her diploma-- ever thinking of all the hard work she put in to receiving it, while being a single Mom and working in her own business. (we will get to discuss wedding plans, also, as she is engaged now to be married -- the excitement just never ends!)

This brings us to two female-friendly announcements we would like to make, regarding marketing to women who shop online. One is a bit aged... by date... not by importance. In February, Marketwire informed readers that, "Your Online Appearance Matters to Moms."

The press release, from Lucid Marketing, a company that brings "companies closer to Mom," said,

"50% of Moms say it is extremely likely they will go back to the web sites they visited for the holidays within the next twelve months to shop again. If a site has 'Free shipping,' 98% of Moms say they would visit more often."

A visit to the Lucid Marketing website offers a neat white paper that can help you improve your online marketing to Moms, this year! Jane is going to give you just a few of their tips (and tell you that they know whereof they you will see). They say, "Don't Waste Mom's Time." Hmmm...who tells you that Mom, and all women, are time-stressed? Could it be Jane?

Lucid Marketing also says, "Make it Easy." We think they have been reading our blog posts! Easy is as easy does-- click, click, click...or, Mom will click elsewhere.

We especially like their, "Word of Mom." WOW: Winning Over Women just got easier! The white paper says, "A study conducted by BSM Media and Prange & O'Hearn found, 'When contemplating purchases for the home and self, over 55% of mothers rely on recommendations and the number jumps to 64% if the product is for their children.' "

Are any Moms you know talking about your each other? Are they BLOGGING about you? Jane bets they are!

Our next little tidbit is about a new site we discovered from another press release. The "Women's Website and Domain Name Marketplace" otherwise known as Our Town Center, is run by Deb Nyberg. We encourage you to visit her site and learn about the domain name business, and how to buy or sell domain names that are useful and relevant to your business. Deb is women-focused, her aim seems to be enabling women to make the best decisions about that domain name they bought several years ago but never turned into anything. Ourtowncenter

Deb thinks there's someone out there willing to pay top dollar for it. Her FAQ page says, Compare Everything, Regret Nothing -- which is a link to a comparison shopping site, but-- Jane thinks Deb is using subliminal seduction to help women make the right business decision when purchasing or selling a domain name. Visit her site and learn the power of virtual domains!

Now, what's not to like about that?


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Deb Nyberg

Thanks so much for the help in getting our message out to women who own domain names and websites. Our hopes and prayers are to make this development a place where women can secure the most money for their hard work and enterprising ideas! Your website has been linked at because I've been a fan of yours for sometime now! Thanks for all you do for us! Enjoy your vacation and congratulations on the upcoming graduation and wedding! Deb

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