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Dear dedicated readers, Jane has not purposely neglected you. We have... expanded --professionally, of course--were some of you thinking of some other kind of expansion? Shame on you! We are still a size...fill in the blank... but stay within reason, please!

Our expansion, such as it is, has been so time-consuming, that we have not had a moment to write in our blog...not a moment, dear readers. As much as we hate to admit it, we have not even had a moment to READ our friends' blogs!

What is the remedy? Time is the remedy. Not organization, although there are those who would say so. Not prioritizing, although there are those who would say so. Not getting our ducks in order, although there are those who say so.

No, we say, TIME is the remedy. We need more TIME! TIME to fit all the important things in life into a mere 24 hours!

We are working on that...but in the meantime, we ask you, how much time do you think you need to do what is important to you? Things such as making sales on your website or via your blog? If you are struggling to find time for sales online, we heartily recommend that you market to women -- women who shop online. (some of you are saying, how boring! Doesn't Jane ever say anything else?)

No, Jane does not. Jane has a single focus here-- to help you sell to women who shop online, because women shop online more than men do! Refer to previous posts for actual stats. Posts from a calmer time in Jane's life...such as two weeks ago.

During the past month we have been moving into new offices. Our business, authors helping authors, is prospering, which is a delightful thing, in and of itself. But, prosperity steals time. As we moved boxes of supplies, and books, and other office-y kinds of things, as we arranged and rearranged ourselves, we lost time. It slipped away -- like a shadow on a wall-- fading into the earth, without our noticing.

We were so busy unpacking new equipment, making friends with the business professionals in the offices all around us, and attending get-acquainted events, that we lost time. Our phones rang and we answered them. We made appointments and we kept them. Our email boxes overflowed with newsletters, contacts from family and friends, a note from a new colleague or a writer wanting to talk about his or her book...to which we managed to send short, simple replies now and then, and still, time passed by, forgetting to nudge us into awareness.

When we looked up this morning and saw that it was Saturday... we were apalled! Saturday... four whole days of not posting in our blog!  Four days of not paying attention to you, dear readers!  Four days of ... all the silly, hectic, necessary tasks that go into running a business-- four exhausting day with little of the delight. In fact, we have a catalog at our elbow which beckons to be opened, a catalog from which we have been hoping to order items, for our upcoming trip to Colorado...hello, friends in Denver or Boulder...we will be in your area May 5th - 11th.

We wish to have it noted here that this 'too busy to get anything done' kind of thinking is generally attributed to women, but...it's a non-gender disease. Men suffer from it also. The difference is: men expect women to fix it. Men expect women to make the appointments, get the children to school and dance class, stop at the grocery store, and remember Mother's birthday. Men feel validated by their busy professional lives. Women feel restricted, unappreciated, and guilty.

The reason Jane shares this story with you, dear readers, is to nudge you into new thinking. We would like you to offer Jane some time. Time to shop online in a risk-free environment, at a user-friendly website or blog. Women are eager to buy online -- women like shopping, online. We merely ask that you remember, the busy lady of the house (or apartment) is more interested in convenience-- than silly superlatives. Never mind the, "Best" or "Newest" or "Latest" jargon-- show us what you have in good quality images, offer variety of sizes or styles, and leave the decision of whether or not it's 'fashionable' to us. (that includes services...variety is the spice of life, and whether or not it works for us is OUR decision, not your boss's.)

Your woman shopper is online, now, somewhere, looking for your products and services because she does not care to waste gas (the cost of gasoline is spurring an increase in online shopping, trust us), she does not care to fight the weather (it's the rainy season here), nor does she wish to deal with parking, wasting time in a checkout line, only to have to lug plastic bags to the car, then the house, then the kitchen! It's so much more fun to have UPS or DHL deliver...

Throughout our extensive move this past month, Jane met and talked with numerous prospects and existing clients, about how to market online, and why women like being online so much. Our conversations with both men and women proved to us that women are shopping online in ever increasing numbers...and that the men in their lives like it when Jane does their shopping.

That is what we were told, dear readers. Dick may go online to buy at Todayswoman_1 Christmastime and Valentine's Day because it's easy to click a button and have his gift wrapped and delivered, but for the rest of the year, he's happy to leave that task to Jane-- unless he's buying electronics, of course.

We go back to the issue of time, dear readers. Time is of the essence to a woman shopping online. Take time to craft a compelling invitation to the ladies who visit your site, and we promise -- they will take time to shop with you. (image compliments of Real Looks for Real Women.)

What's not to like about that?


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