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Jane Waiting to Exhale

No, dear readers, our title today has nothing to do with the 1995 movie of the same name, Waiting to Exhale. We regret to say that we have not seen the movie, though we think we should, if the reviews are accurate. Perhaps one of you will write in and comment on the movie-- good or bad?

Jane uses the expression to represent her life these days. We feel as if we are drowning. Not so much in water-- Jane is not fond of water--never mind why-- but drowning in tasks. Many of these tasks are excellent, inspiring, exciting tasks...tasks we have waited all our lives to be part of. Other tasks are boring, cumbersome, tedious.

We wonder if this doesn't sound very much like YOUR life, dear reader! We read on other blogs that many of our friends are experiencing this same phenomena: the need to exhale but the inability to do so because to do so would-- cause an explosion!

Jane promises to get things in order; our life, our writing, our blogs, our work, our house (okay, maybe not our house, we are waiting for Merry Maids to do that), and our mind. We think that, perhaps, if we get our mind in order, the rest will follow nicely.

Therefore, while we work on this most complicated problem--that of getting ourself in order--we offer you other terrific reading, at other terrific blogs... be aware that we are rushed and therefore will, no doubt, leave some marvelous, important, worthwhile blogger friend out of this we ask forgiveness up front...

At Talking Story, Rosa Say shares Working and Living with Aloha.

At Diva Marketing, Toby offers several blog lists that may just intrigue you as they intrigued Jane. (Yes, Jane's own Lip-sticking is on one list...we cannot stop smiling! What a tribute Toby has given us!)

At WonderBranding, Michele Miller tells us how pets are more important to girls than boys...we especially like her title: American Business that's Going to the Michele_dogDogs! (We think we mentioned something about this earlier in the week...referencing our kitty... but now we feel vindicated by Michele's post. She's a new pet owner-- check out her pet in his sunglasses! As a new pet owner, one who understands how  silly the rest of us can be about these furry creatures who inhabit our living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms, she knows whereof she speaks in this particular post. Check out her last sentence.)

Also, Jennifer Rice at What's Your Brand Mantra talks about attending the 30th Annual 10-year forecast retreat by the Institute for the Future. Jane is jealous... we admit it, but we are also so proud to know Jennifer and happy that she's in attendance. Watch her blog for future updates.

Last (and yes, we're aware that these are all girl blogs, women blogs, blogs written by the female sex...but, read them anyway, because, well, everyone else is!)...we ask you to visit BL Ochman's blog and make a donation to help guide dogs get trained. BL explains it better than Jane ever could...but, this time it's not a pet thing, it's a human thing: Guide dogs cost money. Help if you can.

BTW, we found out about BL Ochman 's post through Jeremy Wright's blog.

Now, what's not to like about that?


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B.L. Ochman

Thank you so much for pointing people to my post about raising money for Guiding Eyes for the Blind guide dogs. That picture you found is about the cutest thing I've ever seen. It looks just like my sammy, who was released from Guiding EYes when he didn't cut it as a puppy. We are both so lucky that happened!

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