Sunday Fiction Feature: Five or Ten
Jane's Tax Advice

Look, Dick. See Jane. See Jane Charge!

Over the weekend Jane mentioned a report from eMarketer showing that women are the dominant gender online today. We reminded readers that women have dominated the web since 2002, and gave eMarketer a cyber-raspberry.

Today, in our email, we were delighted to receive a note from Debbie Williamson, author of the report mentioned in the eMarketer article (It's a Woman's Web). She was kind enough to thank Jane for mentioning her article, and in response to our rather rude 'Duh!', Debbie added,

"Women are now a majority, and that majority is growing, not shrinking. Women will wield greater and greater influence online, particularly in the area of online shopping. If my report seemed to state the obvious, that's because it in fact ISN'T obvious to a lot of people, and it ought to be."

Jane could not have said it better! We are indebted to Debbie for setting the record straight! Her note reconfirms our faith in eMarketer as a reliable resource for our research. Watch for further great information on women and the web from Debbie.

Beyond that incident, Jane was party to another discussion on women and the web. Writing at Blogcritics, Jane wrote about the women's market once again-- as we are wont to do, dear readers-- and was rewarded with a rude remark aimed at us, this time! Perhaps we deserved it. In our essay, we noted some recent publications on how powerful the women's market is, and...lo! we included our own Dickless Marketing.

We are not sure if writing an article about women dominating the online landscape is what upset our commentator, or if it was the fact that Jane so daringly included her own work among the resources touting women and their spending power. At any rate, the fun of Blogcritics is in the interaction. Several others chimed in to remark by-- a) laughing at the title of our book-- as should everyone; it's meant to be funny, and serious, at the same time, and b) admitting that the times-- they are a-changin'. One young man noted that his girl friend often asks his opinion before buying something! He noted that it takes the pressure off of her when someone is pushing for a close.

Jane would like to thank Debbie for her note today, and we would like to thank all the Blogcritic commentators-- those who were kind to Jane and those who were not. Jane encourages discussion-- we know the world is a big place and there are those who find Dickless Marketing, at least as a title, objectionable. We wonder if they are related to the people who had trouble with the Vagina Monologues when it first came out?

Truth be told, Jane was one of them! It was many months before Jane could say Chuck_e_cheese"Vagina Monologues" out loud! Now, it slips off our tongue as easily as a nursery rhyme. And Dickless Marketing...well, that's more fun than an afternoon at Chuck E. Cheese.

We ask you, dear reader, what's not to like about that?


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steven streight aka vaspers the grate

Who the hell is "Jane"--a fictitious pseudonym?

Why is "Jane" always in red ink? To focus attention on the name? Why? Even the Bible reserves red ink for Jesus' SAYINGS, not His Name.


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