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TGIF: From Jane's Point of View

Jane feels a bit out of sorts this week, as you may have noticed from our recent posts, dear reader. At this moment we are sitting at our new desk, in our new office...attempting to compose on a new keyboard. Jane has repeatedly remarked that we do not care for this keyboard-- it's the standard issue: black, flat, and boring.

We are especially fond of our roundedkeyboard-- whichCurved_keyboard languishes on the desk at our old office, even as we speak. Its smooth, curved lines, its easy to hit keys, its friendly creamy-white appearance, all speak "female-friendly" to Jane. Unlike this unattractive, dark, depressing -- thing!

Jane is so happy it's Friday. We know we missed interview day. Thursday came and went in a fog. We hope to make it all up to you ... by offering a Smart Blogger Online next week. We have a fantastic young man to introduce-- one who is well-qualified to be our Smart Blogger this month. Jane likes the fact that he...cooks. More on that in the interview.

We leave you with that thought. Oh, wait! One last thing... Jane discovered the most amazing, astounding, exciting thing this week-- Lip-sticking is listed on Tom Peters' blogroll! Jane feels as if we have made the big time. Not only do we hold Tom Peters in high regard-- he's one of the most female-friendly men we know (or, almost know-- for as long as folks like Michele Miller vouce for him, and so many other blogger friends cite him, we feel as if we know him personally--which is what blogging is all about, isn't it?) People

Dear reader, if you take nothing else from our posts this week, take this: that through blogging Jane has formed a friendly, professional, worldwide network of like-minded people who enjoy sharing their expertise, because-- it's the right thing to do. People helping people--

What's not to like about that?


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You know Yvonne, it simply doesn't get any better than that! You are good people.

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