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The days seem to slip by more quickly than usual, lately. Jane opens up Typepad to begin a post and woe...we find ourselves still staring at a blank screen after more than two hours. Is it because we have nothing to write? Not at all!

It's precisely because we have SO MUCH to write, that the posting window remains empty for so long, while we gather more information, answer phones, prepare for ever more exciting excursions...on behalf of you, our faithful readers.

Let us forge the battlestations...charge onward, swords uplifted...

Let us not. Let us be true to our gender and talk shopping. Shopping online. Marketing to women who shop online. In fact, let us talk about how YOU can get the diverse and growing group of spenders known as 'women' to spend at your website.

Jane knows that you're hearing all about marketing to women -- via TV, radio, print, and even blogs, but...who is addressing women as a general group, and who is focusing on the online factor? Only a few of us -- good folks such as Denise Wakeman (did you catch our live interview with Denise two weeks ago?), and Jill Fallon at Estate Legacy Vaults blog -- among others.

Surely, by now you've heard that did a study noting that the increase in online sales is directly related to female shoppers? The advertisement on the eMarketer page noting the report says, "Women respond to special offers & free shipping..."

Okay ... so who doesn't respond to special offers and free shipping? Dick likes them as much as Jane does. Here's the real skinny: women want BETTER offers, and FREE return shipping!

Better offers involve personalization and surprises; in other words, when Jane buys a certain product or service, tell us how you're going to make it work for us, just us, not our mother or sister or aunt or cousin. Then, when we're ready to check out...surprise us with something else: a free trinket or tickets to a movie (forget the coupons; everyone's using them -- we're tired of them.)

And, after we've received our item, don't make us search for the "return to sender" label...understand that sometimes we change our minds while the purchase is in transit. We're more likely to come back and buy something else, if you make it free and easy to return what we've already purchased. (really now, you do understand that the colors of the items you're showing on your website may look completely different on our monitor than on yours, don't you? if it arrives and it's not right, we reserve the right to return it. for service industry professionals, if you offer consulting but don't offer flexible payments with a free hour of advice thrown'll lose us at the onset.)Themomfactor2

Tomorrow, Jane is going to tell you why you should be marketing to women online who are Moms. Moms rule! We know Father's Day is coming...and we're going to offer some good advice on how to help Mom get that perfect father's day gift -- for her husband or her father -- but, tomorrow, let's just talk a little about TRILLION DOLLAR MOM$ and The Mom Factor.

What's not to like about that?


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