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Tuesdays are one of our favorite days of the week, dear readers. On Tuesdays we have the opportunity to offer you Five -- of just about anything, as long as it has to do with marketing to women online!

It could be five good books; five quotes from famous folk; five new blogs; five recently updated blogs with great stuff; five couples working to build a better business in a new world; five fun words from BuzzWhack...oh, the list could go on and on.

Today we're going to revisit our trip to Book Expo America in NYC and talk about books because books are great ways to attract women to your website to buy your products and services.

While we did not stop to count all the women at Book Expo, we are confident in saying the ratio of women to men was quite high. Jane had numerous conversations with both genders, but...IOHO (in our humble opinion) the women -- both exhibitors and attendees, outnumbered the men substantially. This is in keeping with the realization that women buy and read more books than men. (for those saying, "oh really?" we invite you to click the link here -- good, thought-provoking stuff.)

More than that, Jane spoke to women who were at the Expo to support a client who happened to be a man -- who touted his book as adeptly as any QVC celebrity. We also spoke with women who were bravely offering their cookbooks for sale, their inspirational books, their novels, their business advice... we spoke to dozens and dozens, and in the end, we concluded that books are natural magnets for women.

Recommend a good book on your website -- you'll get attention. We promise. In fact, for the rest of our Fit by Five today, here are Four NEW books to get you started (and not all are authored by women):

Our Fathers Who Art in Heaven, true stories compiled by Gerry Murak.

Know Your Bones: Managing Arthritis Pain by Dr. Stephanie Siegrist (yes, we know the publisher -- yes, we are the publisher, but...we want to see if adding Dr. Siegrist's blog link helps folks find her blog).No_wheat_no_way2

The Cellini Masterpiece (set in Malta) by Raymond John.

No Wheat? No Way! Gluten Free Recipes by Theresa Santandrea-Cull.

We are certain there is nothing not to like about that!


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