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Jane hopes you have noticed, dear readers, the updates to Lip-sticking -- not only the exciting Honorable Mention from Marketing Sherpa, but the new Blogads ad; (we love helping other great companies get the word out!), and the new ReThink Pink conference date. All important business links for your use and information.

But, of course, Jane has more. While life is swirling all about us, in a flurry of family activity and business projects, the Internet is becoming more and more vital to women who shop online. Businesswomen and Moms; ladies who have gifts to purchase during their busy lunch hour at work and executives who want to reward dedicated employees with a thank you for a job well-done. Today we will share some interesting and note-worthy events:

1. We urge all to click over to our audio interview from a month ago with Denise Wakeman and Patsi Krakoff, and a group of their listeners. There is a wealth of information on women and how they shop -- online and off -- contained in that interview. It's around 45 minutes, so you may want to listen to it in short stretches...but we promise, IT'S WORTH IT!

2. Jane spends a fair amount of time concentrating on professional women who shop online, hoping we provide useful advice on marketing to them. We remind you that women buy fleets of trucks and shop for particulars online; they buy executive tools: think briefcases, cell phones, PDAs, and business suits; they search for office space and office supplies; and they are more likely to look for financial advice online.

But, what about that large group of executive women who...sometimes work outside of the home, and other times, don't? The ones called MOM. Moms, as many other reporters will attest, are an enormous market -- because -- and no one but Jane will tell you this (if they do, they are quoting Jane and Jane would like to know about it, thank you)...Moms, especially, shop for OTHER PEOPLE more often than they shop for themselves.

What do Moms do online? According to Chief Marketer's Sherry Chiger, from her May report, Moms are a growing force in our economic growth. We say this in support of the quote from Nora Lee, author of "The Mom Factor" who said, "Even if you don't have a maternal bone in your body, you need to think like a Mom." She supports this with a note stating that "the nation's 108 million women are responsible for up to four-fifths of all consumer spending," and...three-fourths of those women are...yep, Moms.

America Online says women, especially Moms, go online to plan trips, look for coupons, play games, help their children with homework, and...of course, to shop. At Lynne Builta's shopping site aimed exclusively at Moms, sales are doing very nicely, thank you. Lynne says (in a report at the WSJ, in May) that sales for this year are projected at $1million, up from $27,000 in 2000.

3. Let's end with a fast-fact from the U.S. labor force, as gathered at The BPW Uswomenschamber2 (Business and Professional Women's) Foundation, where the stats say that "about 60% of all women are in the labor force, compared with nearly 75% of all men." The citation, from Oct. of 2004, goes on to say, "By 2005, the percentage of women in the labor force is projected to rise to 62%, while the number of men in the workforce will decline from 75% to 73%."

[note: image borrowed from the U.S. Women's Chamber of Commerce, where the caption reads:
"It has been one thousand six hundred and seventeen days since the women's federal procurement program was passed into law under the Equity in Contracting for Women Act of 2000 and still the U.S. Small Business Administration has not found the time to implement this important legislation which increases the ability of women-owned businesses to gain contracts with the government." - Margot Dorfman, CEO - U.S. Women's Chamber of Commerce -- full statement here.]

Those are Moms and CEOs and home-based business owners and sales managers and contruction workers, dentists, doctors, lawyers, waitresses, daycare providers...

Don't you want to consider their likes and dislikes in your marketing message? Jane is certain that you do. So, tomorrow we'll talk about some ways to do that...via the net.

What's not to like about that?


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steven streight aka vaspers the grate

I know we've had our differences in the past, but you knocked my socks off over at The Naked Red Conversation Couch, that comment to the Interview with Rich Levin.

I wrote an entire post at my Blog Core Values site, inspired by your lusty and lush attack on the Morbid Stream Media type mentality.

You, a woman, clobbered the alleged alpha male.

I am so proud of you right now...I'm nearly speechless.

Way to go Yvonne.


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