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As promised, today's post is going to offer advice on marketing to Moms, especially Moms who buy online. Jane knows you're thinking that ALL Moms buy online, and...you're mostly right. Moms of all shapes and sizes, of all ages and demographic groups, Moms labelled Baby Boomer or Senior or Gen X, Gen Y and... some other names we can't reveal, do shop online.

But, some don't. Since we're concerned with online and how to market to women online, let's not worry about those Moms who don't shop online. We know they are being courted by other blogs and advertising execs -- who, apparently haven't discovered the value of online shopping, yet. So be it.

Here are Five Helpful Habits of Moms Who Shop Online; Five Habits YOU can use to your advantage when preparing your marketing message, or advertising spot:

1. Use email judiciously. In other words, be very, very careful that you are not spamming Moms! Truth is, Moms use email for lots of reasons, not the least of which is to discover new products, find coupons, connect with friends and family, who often suggest new products or discount offers.

In a small survey by EmailLabs and Lucid Marketing (yes, it's only 695 Moms but...anything more than 3 constitutes good word of mouth opportunities, so this is a good study), Moms are getting savvy about email subject lines. The survey also said that "Moms with multiple children are 50% more likely to find their newsletters valuable." (as reported at ZDnet)

2. Today's Mom is interested in health care and flexible work hours, more than almost anything else. According to BPW (Business and Professional Women's Foundation) having adequate health insurance is a major concern of 69% of Moms. Address this issue with relevant information and education, as an added benefit to your core product sales, and you'll be ahead of the game. Add articles and links to support of flexible hours in the workplace, and you'll attract 79% of Moms.

3. Be aware that Moms of all ages have many of the same interests. Don't limit yourself to baby boomers or Gen X/Ys; appeal to both by researching organizations such as BPW. According to their research, Moms in these groups are concerned not only with health care but also job opportunities, and housing costs. Can you put a link, or better yet, a scrolling marquee with the latest information on your local real estate market, job classifieds? How about linking to your local national TV channel's health page?

4. Let's get beyond Moms who either still have children at home, or are expecting children. Let's look at Moms who are empty-nesters. They're still Moms. But, today, these energetic women are turning over a whole new leaf. They're starting businesses, going rock climbing, taking up carpentry...any number of hobbies or career changes that their Moms before them never considered. In a WSJ report of June 14th, (requires registration) reporter Carol Hymowitz describes Boni Lonnsburry, who started her own marketing business at 47, after raising her two sons.Boni_lonnsburry2

Can you give Boni, and women like her, information on how to be successful at these new ventures? Today's Moms are waving a happy good-bye, see you later, as their children leave home. The free time is easily filled with new hobbies, or a new career. Compliments are in order. Perhaps even congratulations. What are YOU doing to make these Moms feel capable and competent? A section on your site for Q & A, or a newsletter providing advice, would go a long way to winning these women over. And, offer you a venue to market your products and services.

5. Be nice. Be honest. Learn the names of your Moms' children...when their birthdays are...what their grandmother's name is...in other words, get personal. This can be tricky with a large database of clients or customers, but...there is adequate software available to help you personalize your contact with the Moms who frequent your website or blog. Find it, use it, and make each visit a pleasurable experience. Jane will thank you, your Mom will thank you, and Moms of the world will beat a path to your door.

What's not to like about that?


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