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Jane Branches Out

Dear readers, Jane is the bearer of some truly fantastic news! Through our blogging network, we have been introduced to the most terrific website on the net! It's female-friendly AND male-friendly. It's informative and educational, but so interesting and creative, Jane wants all of you to know about it. (we had to keep it a secret for...oh, days and days!)

The website we're referring to is called ThirdAge. Surely, David Wolfe at Ageless Marketing will find it exciting. Surely, Mary Hunt from Attract-Her will find it useful. Surely, Michele Miller of WonderBranding will want to visit it on a regular basis. Surely, YOU, dear reader, will peruse its pages and find useful advice -- as well as: a neat, fantastic, entertaining but rich with content, BLOG. Which Yvonne aka Jane has been asked to contribute to!

How did this delightful task befall simple, ordinary Jane? (for those of you who believe Jane is simple and ordinary, we have a small island off the coast of Spain to sell you). Virginia_woolf

We have Jory Des Jardins of Pause to thank. Jory, that beautiful, happy-go-lucky lady we think of as a teen -- captured in the body of Virginia Woolf or some other talented and prolific 18th or 19th century writer. Jory asked if we'd like to participate...along with, oh heavens, a long list of truly magnificent writers -- including Sharon Whitely, the CEO of ThirdAge and our good, good friend, Jill Fallon of The Business of Life.

Dear readers, chances such as this are few and far between. We urge all of you to visit the ThirdAge blog, and read some of the wonderful writing there. Insight into the world of men and women over a certain age (we are not telling what that age is). Insight Jane finds emotional, humorous, and thought-provoking. Watch this space for more news on this scintillating adventure of being a member of the ThirdAge blog.

Truly now, what's not to like about that?


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Jill Fallon

Yvonne, we're going to be side by side every Thursday! Thanks for the "good, good" mention. After speaking with Jory tonight, I hope more than ever I will see you in person at Blogher. Just come anyway.

Joy DJ

ThirdAge has already got one staunch fan Yvonne! Ever since Jory gave me the "go ahead" to check it out....I've been there...and I love it! So glad you are one of the contributors....what a GREAT group of writers! Look forward to reading your posts.

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