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Ok, all of Jane's regular readers already know that women rule! Of course, we don't rule alone...we like partnering with others, but let's look at some reasons Jane likes to make this claim:

According to the Center for Media Research, in an email from June 23rd, "Online sales will rise 22.0 percent to $172.4 billion this year." Those numbers are from a study by The State of Retailing Online, conducted by Forrester Research in 2004. While impressive, it's the retail categories expecting growth that are truly important.

For instance, the study shows cosmetics and fragrances, over-the-counter medications and personal care, jewelry and luxury goods, flowers, cards, gifts...will all take a 30% or higher leap, fostered by online female shoppers.

Further on, the article notes that women are expected to drive sales in these areas, also:

  • Computers (hardware and software)What_a_day_book
  • Travel
  • Books (what a day...What a Day! found online here.)
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Toys and video games

How is all this going to happen? The study says merchants report SEM -- search engine marketing -- as "the clear leader" in obtaining new customers.

Is your site searchable? Does your strategy plan include SEM, with a focus on Jane and her friends and family?? Are you exploring ways to become female-friendly? Do you care?

Maybe it's time to change your approach. Online research site Hitwise reported in April of this year that "women create the majority of traffic to auto finance, registration, and vehicle insurance sites."

The picture is becoming ever clearer -- we are still the primary shoppers for cosmetics, jewelry, and healthcare items, but we're also online looking for electronics, computers, insurance, and cars. Where do we fit in in your overall goal to get sales this year?

We leave it to you to figure out what's not to like about that!


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Chuck P

I do not envision world matriarchy as a system where males are necessarily dominated or debased but when
women rule it will be with compassion
and great enlightenment.
The main goal of women rulers will be the elimination of hunger and violence in the
Contrary to the social conditions under the present patriarchal system
where there is widespread suffering owing to the greed and lust for power
which consumes so many male led societies, matriarchs will not tolerate such
conditions and I believe they will stop greedy and brutal oppressors, possibly
even debilitating them if they insist on causing suffering.
The most enlightened and compassionate women should be the supreme
leaders without totally excluding men from leadership roles because there
still are men who believe in compassionate rule.
Presently many underprivileged people are denied the opportunity
to educate themselves, thus improving their lives because of the massive
waste of resources as patriarchs like G. W. Bush and L. B. Johnson
have been so determined to solve international issues by
waging senseless wars.

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