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This holiday weekend U.S. citizens will reflect on the inherent values of the Red, White and Blue. We will celebrate with picnics, parties, camp-outs, fireworks and family gatherings showing support for the freedom we sometimes take for granted, but all embrace with a fierce loyalty, if ever put to the test.

Jane isn't sure how you may have approached your marketing to women online for this holiday -- we hope it was with lots of color, a fun message, a promise to Lip-sticking all future marketing messages, and a lighthearted but respectful attitude. Come Tuesday morning, it will be time to get ready for...fall and winter. There's no way around this issue, so be thinking NOW about all the women, Moms, executives, teens, new college grads, and more...who will be going online to buy for the many holidays on the horizon.Americanflag2

We will be writing more on how to pull these women in, but in the meantime, Jane recommends some good reading to get you started on the very basics of how to market to anyone...including women:

Say Leadership Coaching: one of our favorites.Be sure to check out Rosa's manifesto at Change This.

A Day in the Life of a Persuasian Architect: with a valuable link to Some Sound Thinking, and "What Will Your Mom Say?"

Creating Customer Evangelists: where Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba never cease to amaze and delight with their insight and their connections. Their recent introduction of two new word of mouth blogs bears noting.

We have no choice but to ask: What's not to like about that?


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Rosa Say

Aloha Jane, mahalo nui; thank you so much for your mention of my new manifesto on ChangeThis - I am very excited about it, and I do hope your readers enjoy it (do let me hear your thoughts if you would!)
You know my radar goes up when I hear the word 'values' and your post has also given me some thought on this Sunday morning ... red, white, and blue values ... hmmm. I may have to write more on that.
My aloha to you, Rosa

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