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Wise Words to Live By

We thought we'd take the weekend off, dear readers. Yes, of course, that's blasphemy. Jane thinking she can have some time off!! But, the reality is quite understandable: we're tired. We've been working non-stop for several years. This is inherent in any new business, we know. We're not complaining. We... Read more →

Jane Reports on E-tailing

We like stories. Stories make everything more real. More tangible. People relate to stories. Unfortunately for us, we seldom take our own advice and tell stories. This is another case of not telling a story. We have updates on e-tailing, and a reminder that the Carnival of the Capitalists (which... Read more →

Jane Compliments a Friend

Dear readers, here it is Sunday, just about 8:30 in the morning. Jane has been up for about an hour, schlepping around the house with her coffee, purposely ignoring the dust-balls in the corners of every room (dust and dog hair, the consequences of having hardwood floors). The cat, curled... Read more →