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Dear readers, we are bit late getting our interview posted today. We know you will be amazed at Ponn Sabra's story. This woman is an inspiration to us all -- men and women, alike. Ponn asked us to participate in her "Empowering Women to Power Network" campaign as her Niche Marketing Expert for our focus on marketing to women who shop online. That was some time ago. Today is the day of reckoning -- and because it coincides with our interview day, we thought we would share Ponn's can-do attitude. Surely, this little woman, who has been through so much, should make all of us sit up taller, be proud of ourselves, and get out there and achieve our heart's desire. Learn how...

Lip-Sticking: Tell us what inspired you to build the "Empowering Women to Power Network"?

Ponn: Last July I was in a horrible car accident that caused me to be on bed rest for 3 weeks, helpless for 3 months, and in full-time therapy for over 10 months.

With a husband forced to travel overseas on business and family over 660 miles away, my little girls (then aged 4, 3 and 1) and I survived and thrived because I chose to utilize the Powerful People
in my life-The Power of my Power Network.

When you’re stuck in bed, there’s not much one can do but think, read, and, in my case, write. I reflected on my many blessings, and to my amazement, I met and exceeded every single one of my
professional goals much faster than I ever hoped for…but I met them at all costs: Me.

The life as an overachieving mother, wife, and work at home entrepreneur meant I was overworked, over-exhausted, under-slept and under-nourished. The life I was living was literally killing my body, mind and soul.

And worse…no one was putting pressure on me except: Me. Not my girls, not my husband, and NOT my Power Network.

So, as I watched my life pass before my own eyes, I chose to apply the success principles of my professional life to my personal life, and in 3 days, while in bed, I wrote "Empowering Women to Power Network".

Lip-Sticking: What is the value of women's empowerment in regards to having a power network?

Ponn: Does this sound familiar, "I know there’s more to me…I know I can be more…but I just don’t know how"?

Well, choosing to utilize your power network - the power people you already know today- and continuously building that power network will enable you to experience the ability to:

- Choose your own lifestyle,

- Choose to have a dream that’s reachable, and

- Choose to be the person that you CAN be today.

The word "choose" is most important because empowerment is about learning there are choices, and who you know you are is a real possibility…something that you can touch and that can be real for you! I am not promising something impossible. Women need to choose themselves at all time and put themselves first...and this is extremely difficult for women to do.

Lip-Sticking: Where do we get the "Power" of your power Network?

Ponn: I always say, "you must power network in order to build a power network. Therefore, there’s the action of power networking that creates the end product: a Power Network.

I believe it is not about what and who you know that counts anymore!

The days are long gone in which networking is about strictly passing out business cards and attending multiple "networking" events. With our global market via the internet and international trade, power networking is about building quality relationships where there’s a win-win-WIN situation for all.

For example, by being interviewed today, I'm sharing an empowering message to your readers and introducing my power network (people I know) to your Lip-Sticking Blog - win #1. I’m sharing my views of the Power of Women's Empowerment and Power Networks - win #2. But, together, we’re reaching out to empower you, the reader - win #3. Pretty powerful, huh?

So building a Power Network goes beyond having one relationship with one other person…it’s about having powerful relationships, where, together, we work to help make the world become a better and safer place!

More power comes from the fact that when you aligned yourself with like-people, this Power Network will not only support you and your work, but they will encourage, empower and cheer you on in the process.

Lip-Sticking: What makes your book unique from the many networking books already out there today?

Ponn: Rather than hear it from me, check out what my reviewers have to say:

Please note: I had no prior personal or professional relationship with any of these women. Therefore, these testimonials are genuine and based on the principles that work and the insights shared.

First, it’s an inspirational networking book that will be packaged in the world's first and only women’s networking organization's welcome package.

"This is the best thing to come along since "Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul"…I look forward to offering this book to all of my Team Women members." - Founding President of Team Women, the world’s first "women-only" network marketing organization TeamWomen.com

Second, it’s a complete resource book.

"Empowering Women to Power Network" is so jam-packed with tips, suggestions, resources, and examples that it is nearly overwhelming. As one who has thoroughly researched the effective use of networking and mentoring, I can say without equivocation that Ponn has not missed a trick. She is inspired and her inspiration will energize and invigorate all who read it. The skill of power networking is essential to being socially effective and entrepreneurially successful." - Dr. Signe A. Dayhoff "Social Effectiveness Guru" Effectiveness-Plus.com

Third, this book is empowering women to action.

"I was empowered! Ponn so inspired me by her book that I decided it was time to write my own. I couldn't believe that she could write such an inspiring book in three days AND in bed, after a bad accident. It has taken me two years to write mine and as a result of reading her book I was empowered to start another e-book which I completed in just a couple of weeks. Thank you Ponn for your courage and inspiration. "- Frumi R. Barr, Book reviewer at Frumi.com [Jane relates!]

Last, it is a one-of-a-kind inspirational, multi-cultural and spiritual resource guide offers tips, tools and steps to empower women to live the life they choose to live today. [Back cover copy].

Lip-Sticking: One of my favorite parts of the book is the "Empowerment Equation for Success." Can you please share this with our readers today.

Ponn: I'd love too. Chapter 6 is dedicated to this topic, which has received great praise thus far. I will try to be as brief as possible. First, I believe success is a journey and not a destination.
When you have this in perspective, my Empowerment Equation has never failed for me.

Desire + Action = Success.

Action= 5 A's:

Acquisition = The state of receiving necessary qualifications, education, certificates, experience, etc.

Affirmative Attitude = Not "I think I can" attitude. This is the "I know I am--I'm already getting the job done" attitude.

Accountability = Being able to report your progress to another.

Asking = Seeking assistance when you need help. The major point to building your power network.

Accomplish = You need to finish every task you set out to do, which is another major problem for women. Rather than start 20 projects and complete 2 and be disappointed, start 2, finish them both
and celebrate your achievement.

Which brings up one very important note about multi-tasking...research is starting to show it makes you stupid. So stop pushing your own physical, mental, emotional and professional limits! Dare to single-task. [hear, hear!]

Lip-Sticking: I can attest to your powerful power networking principles, because you reached out to me for our Women’s Empowerment Outreach Campaign. Please tell us more about the campaign
and how you are utilizing your power network to publicize your book.

Ponn: Thursday, August 11, 2005 marks the finale of the Women’s Empowerment Outreach Campaign. [that's TODAY!]

Together, my power network experts and I have joined forces to create this Women’s Empowerment Outreach Campaign. We are determined to empower as many women as possible, so you can achieve all of your professional and personal goals with August 11th’s one-day only offer.

For 24-hours only, you will receive all of my tips, tools and resources packaged into "Empowering Women to Power Network", AND all of the tips, tools and resources of the Power People in my Personal Power Network!

Packaged into one huge bonus gift-box, I will showcase each expert who has empowered me in his or her own specific line of work through our Women’s Empowerment Tool-Kit: Everything You Need for Your Professional and Personal Empowerment From Start-Up to Success. When you purchase my book at amazon.com for less than $19.95 (the price of my book), you will get a $3300+ bonus gift-box.

This campaign was formally known as an amazon.com best-seller campaign. Since the official launch on June 1st on my blog Empower Women Now, our powerful partners are all promoting the work of all of the other partners…and together we’re making this a truly Empowering Women's Outreach experience.

I assure you these are powerful products and services, too. Many of the partners made bonuses specific to this campaign and are truly showcasing their best work. For example, Lip-Sticking will be debuting a surprise bonus that I'm so proud to have in our Tool-Kit. [thanks to all of our 2004 Smart Women Online.]

Lip-Sticking: Please share other useful tips with us , such as:

a. Who should we power network with?

Ponn: Just about everyone you meet. When you read Chapter Nine, ~ When Not to Network ~, you will learn to listen to your gut (literally) when dealing with evildoers, arrogant people, critics, talkers, etc.

b. Is there a certain time when we should or should not power network?

Ponn: Also in Chapter Nine you will learn that I never stop power networking. I take every opportunity to build quality relationships everywhere I go, but not with everyone I know.

c. Where can we go to power network?

Ponn: Instead of promoting an out-of-reach method of "networking", I share principles that start with your own backyard. You need to start with your loved ones, your own sphere of influence, and
then continuously grow your power network. Can you honestly tell me you know exactly what everyone in your family, neighborhood, or friends do for a living?

You may be much closer to reaching your goals if you just involve the people you already know today.

Lip-Sticking: Where can people find out more about you and "Empowering Women to Power Network"?

Ponn: At Empower Women Now and the Empower Women Now blog

Lip-Sticking: Now, be truthful, how often do you shop online? What was the very first thing you ever bought online? What was the most recent thing?

Ponn:I purchase things 2-4 times a month online. I was first introduced to the internet while in graduate school in 1996, and I traveled a lot for my research at that time, so I can't remember what the very first thing I bought online was. It was either books at amazon.com, airline tickets, rental car, or hotel reservations. It's funny as I reflect on this question, because all of my purchases online today still revolve around my travels or educational materials for work or homeschooling my girls.

Ironically, the most recent thing I purchased online was an amazon.com book for a colleague's amazon.com bestseller campaign.

Lip-Sticking: If you could have tea with any woman in the world, who would you choose, and why?

Ponn: How about Tea for Three??Ponn_sabra_small_jpeg

After great contemplation, I can honestly say I’d like to have tea with two women: my mom and my mother-in-law. These two women are absolutely incredible, loving, passionate, strong-willed, highly intelligent empowered women, and they continue to empower me every single day. After years of being married and the ocean separating my parents and in-laws, we’ve never been in one room together; let alone enjoy one of my most favorite pastimes like have tea. So this continues to be a dream for me. I dedicated "Empowering Women to Power Network" in part to my mom, who empowered me to be a woman since the day I was born.

Thank you Jane for this wonderful interview; your questions were thought-provoking and empowering!

To our empowerment, Ponn


Empowerment -- a word we hope to see more of in the coming months. This digital century is enabling more and more women to achieve power, to be empowered. Surely, following Ponn's advice can only help us get there faster. We hope you, dear readers, will take her advice to heart and embrace your heart's desire. We also hope you will pull your family and friends into your inner circle, to be part of your world of empowerment.

What's not to like about that?


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