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Not so Smart Jane Online

Dear readers, we reminded you yesterday that today would (normally) be a Smart Man Online interview...and told you we would have a surprise for you.

Here's the surprise: it's Jane's birthday (okay, it's Yvonne's birthday, but she does not mind sharing it with Jane). Therefore, we are taking the day off!

For those who believe this nonsense, we send you a warm hug. Although it is, indeed, our birthday today, we do not have the privilege of taking the day off. <sigh>

We also do not have an interview for you. More's the pity, since we know so many smart, smart men who are eager to be interviewed. Jane offers an apology and a promise to have a very smart woman for you next week, followed by our Smart Man Online on August 18th. In the meantime, we direct you to the ThirdAge website, and to its new blog, which Yvonne is contributing to. This week's post is an explanation of how Dick*less Marketing came to be -- we think the story is worth a click.

While you're over at ThirdAge, check out the other bloggers -- Jory DesJardins, our blog editor and part of the team that put Blogher together, has gathered some truly talented folks. The topics are thought provoking and timely. The writing is informative, educational, and interesting.

Now, we ask you...what's not to like about that?


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Christine Taylor

Happy birthday, Yvonne! Listen, do take a day off even if you have to plan for it. Prescription for the day: Do Absolute Nothing Useful.

That's it! Have a great day!


Stacy Brice

It's still your bday on the west coast. I'm so glad I didn't miss it! ::wink::

Happy, happy birthday, Yvonne! My wish for you is that this next year is full of all the fabulousness you can possibly imagine.

Oh, and that next year you can take the day off on your birthday!


Steve Mertz

Happy Birthday Yvonne-I wanted to give you a two week all expenses paid trip to the French Riviera but it sounds like you are much too busy, maybe next year! :)


Yvonne - happy happy birthday! wish i had known last weekend would have cooked up some way to help you celebrate! as my mom use to say, may all that you wish for come true!

Michele Miller

They say it's your birthday...

Happy Birthday, Yvonne! Hope this very special day offers all the very special things you so very, very deserve! Here's to another great year for you, my friend.

Joy DJ

It's your birthday? Well....HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet Yvonne! I'll take the hug....I believe in such nonsense! And, you really should just have taken the day and done whatever your heart desired, but I understand....even if I am in the unemployed ranks now. Nonetheless....have a most WONDERFUL day Yvonne...you certainly deserve it...."HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOOOOOOO YOOOOOOU!" -Joy


Happy Birthday, Yvonne! It was so lovely to finally meet you at BlogHer.

Rosa Say

Hau‘oli lā hānau Yvonne (and Ms. Jane!) - a very happy Hawaiian birthday to you! Close your eyes and imagine me singing … perhaps off-key, but loudly and joyously because you are in my life! I’m celebrating knowing you today, and knowing all the wonder and goodness you mean to me.
With much aloha and love,

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