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Jane Tries to Keep Up

Countdown to the wedding, dear readers. We are hoping to have pictures on Monday of next week. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, we have some valuable announcements today...and will have an uplifting, informative Smart Woman Online tomorrow. Today, we're passing on some information from around the net. First, Andy Wibbels, a Smart... Read more →

Jane Gets Around

One of the funnest things about the blogosphere -- yes, we know there is no such word as 'funnest' but we happen to think it suits better than 'most fun', thank you -- is discovering exciting, interesting, new blogs with truly useful content. Jane has many blog friends, we often... Read more →

Jane Talks Story and More

When we started this blog so many months ago, we had no idea it would become so important to us. We expected it to be much like a newsletter, informing readers about the latest and greatest in the marketing to women online world. We attempted, for the most part, to... Read more →

Jane Shares Inspiration

It's Saturday, a lovely sunny day here in Upstate NY. Fall has arrived, and we, for one, are delighted! Jane is basking in the cool breezes, the smell of leaves turning colors (if one can attribute a smell to Mother Nature's housekeeping), the feel of sunshine streaming through white clouds... Read more →

Smart Man Online: Bob Cargill

Dear readers, what a treat we have in store for you today. Jane picked a particularly marvelous gentleman for our Smart Man Online interview this week. A man with over 20 years in marketing, who has adopted blogging as a pro-active, positive tool to communicate with customers, vendors, and clients... Read more →

Jane Falls in Love

Dear readers -- Jane is in love! With the new [still in redesign -- we will announce the re-launch when Gap does]! We were going to post about it today -- show all of you why this new site is so female-friendly, but then...a greater cause came our way.... Read more →