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Dear, dear readers...Jane wonders if a blank page isn't in order. Something that conveys our dismay and distress over the tragedy we know as Katrina. A blank page would show that we are speechless.

Instead, we have scoured the blogosphere and it is alive with requests to help -- from the Truth Laid Bear to Paul Chaney's blog to the Salvation Army. We implore you...we beg you...we request, nicely, that you consider participating in the relief funds, for those whose lives have been torn asunder in the most cruel way.

Do it today. Do it now. Don't delay ... here's how: click on one of these links or the icon in Lip-sticking's sidebar.


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My 10 year old daughter and I were watching the latest reports of Katrina the other night and the total destruction to the lives of so many people. I am thrilled to share with you that her entire school is collecting money to help with the efforts to support these individuals. It makes your heart feel good when elementary children can sense the need to help others and are willing to reach into their piggy banks to offer hope!


My best friend is a wonderful woman who lives in the Kansas City metropolitan area, and works with animal rescue groups.

I designed her website and she called me last night with an urgent request to update it.

I have posted this on my blog, along with a banner and the banner code, for other bloggers to be able to use, updated her site, and was hoping you could help us get the word out about the desperate conditions of so many animals in the Gulf area.

She is working with a large non-profit organization, whose sole purpose is to assist and rescue animals during disasters.

The organization is called Noah’s Wish.

Their sole purpose is rescuing animals during disasters.

Additional information and links are available on my blog.

Please don’t consider this spam, my friend is a deeply caring person and she begged me to ask everyone I knew for help.

Thank you.

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