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Jane Uses Balloons

Dear readers, Jane carnivals, do you? It's Monday morning -- although you may be reading this on Monday afternoon. We are hard at work... on various presentations, and hope you will take advantage of Triple Pundit, where this week's Carnival of the Capitalists is located. Jane especially likes Jack Yoest's... Read more →

Jane Chats Up Women Online

Women online...that's what we're all about. We tell stories, we give advice, we report on stats from the leading research companies -- we even conduct our own little research projects, all in an effort to bring you solid resources on what women do online -- specifically shopping online. For which... Read more →

Jane Thinks Blawgs

One of the best, the very best, things about blogging, is meeting new people. We don't mean 'meeting' new people in the traditional sense -- we mean connecting with new people, and THEN, actually meeting them in person. To discover that -- they are just like their blogs! Funny, down-to-earth,... Read more →

Smart Woman Online: Joy DesJardins

Dear readers, it's Thursday! Apart from being the day before Friday, which is an end-of-the-week kind of day (although most of us who are small business owners know no 'end-of-the-week' kind of day), it's interview day and boy are we excited about today's interview! Today -- Jane is bringing you... Read more →