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Women online...that's what we're all about. We tell stories, we give advice, we report on stats from the leading research companies -- we even conduct our own little research projects, all in an effort to bring you solid resources on what women do online -- specifically shopping online. For which you market to them, right?

Since today is Tuesday, our usual Fit by Five day, we thought we'd offer you Five Phenomenal Females who can help you successfully  market to women, not just because they are women, but because they know all about women. These are ladies who inspire Jane and who share our fondness for members of that other gender, also. Read about them and you'll get the drift:

1. Holly Buchanan -- This sharp, witty lady has all the best news, most updated information out there. She's so smart, her blog, Marketing to Women Online, gives Lip-sticking a wealth of added content to offer our readers. We especially like this post, about the power of women over 40. We consider Holly a Person of Interest, in the very best sense. Visit her blog today and watch her shatter some stereotypes.

2. Michele Miller -- the Queen, dare we admit it? -- of marketing to women on or off the net. Michele is one of our first blogger friends, and one we cite often. The thing we like most about Michele (besides that outstanding blog design and her so fun video), is her storytelling. Wow! If you can learn to tell stories like Michele does, you will captivate women from all over the world. Her recent post on Penny the Wonderdog was funny, at least for us. We sensed that for Michele, the experience was less than satisfactory. Gosh, we wouldn't want Michele telling stories like that about us! The post on Alan Alda's new book, Never Have Your Dog Stuffed, is really compelling, too. If you can figure out where Michele lives -- don't tell anyone. Jane lives to respect other people's privacy.

3. Patsi Krakoff and Denise Wakeman -- we apologize for counting these two smart, delightful ladies as one, but they are both part of the Build a Better Blog System, so...we had no choice. Ultimately, we believe these two women are on to something big -- bigger than Lip-sticking, for sure. They adapted to blogging early on and now -- they have a system to help YOU, dear readers, improve your blogs. Lest you think Patsi and Denise are like everyone else, here are just a few of the topics they cover in the Build a Better Blog System:

  • 7-step worksheet
  • Blog design
  • Writing for your blog
  • How often should you post on your blog
  • Keys to writing effective posts

The most phenomenal thing about Patsi and Denise is that they both have separate blogs -- with lots of great insider advice. Trust us, have we ever led you astray before?

4. Toby Bloomberg -- the Auntie Mame of blogging (she said it, we didn't; we think of Toby as our best friend and neighbor -- the one person we know we can count on, in a pinch). Her Diva Marketing blog not only makes us green with envy -- the new design is soooo tres chic! it makes us drool! Toby is someone we think you should get to know better because she has this blog thing down pat. Visit her link on blog strategies to see if we're right.

5. Mary Hunt -- if the phrase 'save the best for last' is true, then Mary is the best of the best. If this really were a contest, all the ladies would come in first, but since it's merely a list, we are willing to say we have saved the best for last. The reason we are confident of that is because Mary has a passion for marketing to women that no one else we've ever met can match. Mary doesn't just give the topic lip-service, she lives it. In her blog, Attract-Her, she wrote a post called, "What If Women Ruled the World?" where she wrote, ""The Mosuo women are confident and independent and capable. Family harmony rather than personal achievement is one of their most important values in life. They work hard and don't depend on men for money."

Five Phenomenal Women -- we must say, what's not to like about them? We offer them a pink boa, compliments of Toby Bloomberg, who is so generous with this totally feminine gift -- she shares it with her best blog buddies, all across the net. And, to end our post with a nod to our other half -- check out this week's Carnival of the Capitalists, where Blawgs rule -- along with a number of blogs.


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Yvonne - thank you for your very kind words and for including me in a group of amazing women. Hmmm...seems that you left off one of the best and one of my favs ... Yvonne DiVita!

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