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Jane Gets Back in the Swing of Things

Dear readers, Jane is back!

Have you missed us? Oh, we are being very self-centered, aren't we? The truth is -- we've missed YOU! This past week was so grueling...what, with presenting to the marvelous, professional surgeons (all women) at the Ruth Jackson Orthopedic Society (they are all abuzz about blogs!), following the WEDDING --which you can read more about tomorrow over at ThirdAge (complete with pics), and then...back home, Jane is still having trouble remembering what time it is!

We've neglected our little blog for too long. No Fit by Five, no interview last week, barely a post! In our defense, we offer this excuse -- real life is what happens when you're planning to do something else. Or something like that. Thanks to John Lennon, of course. Next week, our Fit by Five will describe the harrowing experience of staying at a Radisson Inn when we were in Colorado. We refuse to even link to it! You will NOT believe the lack of customer service...and more.

Today, we are so happy, so calm, so settling in to our chair, and delighted to bring you the benefit of marketing to women online, via these announcements --

One: Our friend over at WebMarket Central, the so handsome Tom Pick, has posted an interview with none other than...Yvonne, Jane's alter ego. It's so strange being on the other end of an interview. We hope you'll stop over and learn something new about us -- we were very frank! (although we didn't mention that in our senior year of high school, a boy we were in lust with used to call us Frank! Really, we wouldn't make that up!)

Interviews are neat blog content. Especially if you can get the interviewee to relax and talk openly. Jane bets there are celebrities in your neck of the woods that would make good blog interviews... or website content. Women love that sort of thing. Once you've hooked us, you have the opportunity to sell, sell, sell!

Two: Over at Management Craft, our good friend Lisa Haneberg is touting Boss's Day, 2006. We hope you have this day marked on your calendar, dear readers. Lisa was part of a project managed by 1800CEORead, contributing to a new 82 page book called Nine Lives of Leadership which is a perfect Boss's Day gift -- so much better than that plant you were going to get, or that book of Burger King coupons! Jane says -- if your boss is a woman, this book is sure to be a big hit!

Lisa is the famed author of High Impact Middle Management and a former Smart Woman Online. Her voice is just one out of nine in this new, great business tome. Another is David St. Lawrence, author of Danger Quicksand, Have a Nice Day. And a former Smart Man Online. Do you get the feeling Jane is name-dropping? Not really. We're merely trying to help YOU with Boss's Day, which falls on Sunday this year -- in case you're still biting your nails trying to figure out what to buy, Lisa Haneberg has the answer...check it out!

For our last bit of smart marketing to women online, we offer you this breaking news from Mian_running_soccer2Rueters:

Women know more than men about soccer?

We discovered this on our Google homepage, under Oddly Enough News. After bristling in annoyance for a moment (what's so strange about women understanding soccer?), we read through the article and cheered! The article is from Great Britain, but it supports Jane's continued assertion that women are big sports fans! If you want to get our attention, it doesn't hurt to have sports scores somewhere on your site, or positive references to women in sports.

For instance, this article says --

"Research found that 59 percent of women could correctly identify the offside law -- one of the game's hardest to comprehend -- as opposed to just 55 percent of men."

We just have to ask...what's not to like about that? (picture of Miah, the superstar granddaughter)


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