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The weekend is nigh on over, dear readers. Jane had planned on posting several times, only to be distracted by the mundane task of housework.

Here is what we did, instead of writing to you:

1. We walked the dog, who was in sorry need of it. The poor, pitiful creature had suffered so thosFall_day1e 10 days Jane was away -- why she's barely 84 of her usual 86 pounds. The son is an adequate dog-sitter, nothing more. He is so busy with school and work, there is no time in his life to actually walk the dog. Our trek was short, once around the neighborhood to pick up any notes left by other dogs, in the long absence of outdoortime. The weather was sunny and cool, a perfectly lovely fall day. We meandered from driveway to driveway, pausing every few moments to let Carmel sniff away -- and leave little notes of her own. (not the visible kind; we bring a plastic bag for those).

2. We changed the sheets on the bed. How often do you change your sheets, dear reader? Growing up, we were taught to change them weekly -- but we must admit to often going for 2 weeks before summing up the energy to strip the bed, wash the sheets, and reassemble. We have two sets of sheets -- not nearly enough, and since our return from our trip, both were in need of washing. As we have a king-sized bed, this is a big chore. At least, we think so.

3. We worked with Tom and the son to remove the window air-conditioners. (Ok, THEY moved the air conditioners; we merely closed the windows.) Then, we ran the dust mop. We are not really sure how one 'runs' a dust mop, but-- dragged the dust mop over the hardwood floors does not do the act justice. The dog (aforementioned) sheds year round, leaving dust-balls of dog hair and the remanants of someone coming or going (in the Biblical sense), all about the house. Despite having 'run' the dust mop this weekend, we already see more doghair dust-balls gathering in the corners. <sigh>

4. We bit the bullet and -- decided to clean the dog's bed! This may sound minor to you, dear readers, but it's no little thing, here at Jane's house. The dog's bed was vacuumed just the other week, and yet, one would have been hard-pressed to say so just this morning. Once our regular clothes were washed and dried, we threw the dog's bed into the washer, and await its clean revival. The dog is poking about the house wondering what happened to it. She has ventured into the bedroom several times but cannot find a place to rest. Will she be glad the bed is clean, or will she give us a dirty look -- for having taken away her hard earned work of constant turning around and around, matting it down just so, and making it smell just the way she wants it to smell? We will see.

Now that you've experienced a little of Jane's task-filled weekend, remember that women's lives are not only busy, but diverse. In your ever-growing task of marketing to us, we urge you to use Smart Marketing. Women online will love you for it. For instance -- women, as a whole, are pet people. Jane has both a dog and a cat. What do you have that is pet-oriented? You don't need to be a pet-store. You could offer an on-going chat or forum on pets and pet questions. You could offer local women a place to rate pet food, or pet toys. Have a pet-centric page, or offer pet supplies in a contest.

What about sheets? And blankets and pillows and towels? With winter hovering on the horizon, we ladies are all thinking about how to stay warm in Dec, Jan, Feb and March. We're thinking of our family and our pets, and ourselves. We're thinking of trudging through snow, or not -- depending on where we live. Some of us may be lamenting the coming rainy season. Here's your chance to help make it painless for us. Advice, warm mittens, coupons for a weekend in a sunny clime; surely in your marketing to women efforts, you can come up with a creative, original way to pull us into your site -- and wow! us. Remember: WOW stands for Winning Over Women.

We ask you, what's not to like about that?


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