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Rain -- cold, dreary, advent of fall -- rain. That's what Jane is watching out our window today. While we wish the sun would come out, we must admit a certain attraction to the rain. It gives us an excuse to tie up our loose ends and crawl back in bed -- with our favorite guy! Philadelphia_popcorn

Before we do that (bringing some fresh, hot popcorn with us, and keeping our fingers tightly wound around the remote), we offer you some suggestions on marketing to women online, in preparation for the looming holiday(s). In fact, if we might be so bold -- we would like readers to write in and tell us some holiday stories. Tell us about your turkey day, tell us about the family gatherings for your cultural celebrations, chastize us for not knowing who you are and what excites you! We are eager to be introduced to the festivities at YOUR house -- complete with decorations, food, and song. Send them along, that we might share them with all.

In the meantime, here are some titillating business facts to get you excited about November and December:

According to the August issue of Buffalo Business First (free subscription required), "Small businesses dominate WNY." The story reports that of a total of over 26 thousand businesses, more than 97% have less than 100 employees, in the Upstate NY area.

What's so important about this statistic? Well, when you look at a Businessweek article from a year ago (November 2004), we learn that "Women Lead Startup Stats."  And that's for the entire country -- which makes Jane think that if our little community in Upstate NY has 26,000 small businesses, and women lead the pack in start-ups, how many women-owned businesses do YOU think there are? Businesses that need your products and services, that have women at the healm -- women who shop for the same products at work, as they do at home?

According to Harvard Business School Professor, Myra Hart, as quoted in the article, "This is a positive sign for the entire country...we're seeing that greater participation in entrepreneurship among women from a variety of backgrounds is playing an important role in facilitating economic growth."

Economic growth -- there's a key phrase. Women "facilitating economic growth." That's why Jane suggests you market to them, aggressively. THIS is why we say get to them online--from eMarketer back in September of this year, a report titled, "Women Online in the US: A Growing Majority" tells us that, "Females have long embraced the Internet as a communications medium, having shown strong interests in online games, health content, and music, but now adult women, who dominate consumer spending online [our bolding], are shifting more and more of their shopping online."

Isn't that exactly where Jane has been telling you to get to us?

Smart Marketing involves online marketing, if you want to reach the women's market. Smart Marketing involves Behavioral Marketing, learning what we like and what we don't. Smart Marketing means getting in front of female influencers -- like Moms and Grandmoms and, yes, little sisters. On the whole, it's time to get smart about marketing to women -- whether you sell power tools or perfume. Because women's shopping habits affect everything that gets bought and sold, online and off.

We think there isn't anything not to like about that.


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